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“ATTN JAN-FEB of 2018: creatives & community! \^_^/<3~! sub for sub (or mins watched, if req <3) =) https://www.youtube.com/user/DrSocratesPlayDough : i req 1k YouTube subs by Feb 20th 2018, or else Google will del my acnt w/them! i req this page for my mental health – such as it is! /T_T\”

So, w/o your help, it looks like my YouTube channel is going to be del’d from the YPP Google Addsense system. for not having a few more subs. & not just me, obvi. Most small creators, who have been part of the community for years, are facing this. & all new ones. forever.

in my case, i req 1k YouTube subs by Feb 20th 2018, or else Google will del my acnt w/them!

if any1 hasn’t heard, these are YT’s latest genius rule “enhancements”. along w/4k watch hrs in the past 12mths. yep. take that cyanide & happiness, justin bieber, & every YT challenge vid. if starting today, you would not make the cut.

So, ive been posting this kind of thing around, since we only have a smattering of wks:

“ATTN JAN-FEB of 2018: creatives & community! \^_^/<3~! sub for sub (or mins watched, if req <3) =) https://www.youtube.com/user/DrSocratesPlayDough : i req 1k YouTube subs by Feb 20th 2018, or else Google will del my acnt w/them! i req this page for my mental health – such as it is! /T_T\”

if we can pull together, we can jump thru the moving hoops. but it still sucks. & i bet they move the goal posts again last min too.

a lot of ppl miss the point that the power, of even the hope, of the partner program IS a gr8 motivator. but being Google backed, theyll never care. it’s corporate wickedness we’re fighting. </3.

& any1 who flukes a viral vid now: they wont (cant) be ready w/it monetized for that all important 1st 48h. but we can pull together anyway; demotivated or not <3.

but more than that, the feeling of community, even for the POTENTIAL few dollars per month, validated many. gave the extra boost required to get them out of bed. the $10-$50 per year allows some in retirement to reinvest in microphones, or costume. to explore expressing themselves. it is a “legitimate” excuse, in the social sense, for many to be able to justify taking the risk to become vulnerable.

plus this IS therapy for a lot of ppl. ppl creating is a community service – even if no1 is watching. even crappy vids are saving lives (not even jk’ing – ill write a paper on it!). so, dont forget about ppl who make crapy content! the motivation to regularly create “well, at worst, for a few extra dollars” may well stop them shooting up drugs or skools! or falling into depression in retirement =S. plus my content wont always suck! -_-. maybe.

but bigger plus: it is important to me & i like it. <3. so, i ask you to sub any small channels you come past over the next month. you dont have to turn notifications on! but the jimmy kimmels & stephen colberts do not need the subs. & never did (& pay for their search ranking >>). they will still be there; but turning the internet into last century tv was not what was good about YT over other platforms.

under the new system, you have to start w/an audience. or company backing you to “pay for play“. not build one, when you open your account. not be part of a niche community. you have to have one ready to go – to arguably not need YouTube – in order to even begin. you need to be able to devote your full attn to your channel. be ready to quit your job before you even start. that doesnt support or encourage small/solo family, retired or young creators; the ones who built the platform. in fact, it is the exact antithesis of that. those are the things they do not have.

game shorts. comic shorts.  challenge vids. animation – the new algo & sys does not support short entries. there are acnts w/10 subs, but have brought in millions of views, who are being cut. there are acnts w/hundreds to thousands of subs, who have not posted as frequently in just the past 12mnths (but have been active, & creators, on the platform for years to decades-ish (2005 >>)), that are now suddenly to be cut as well.

only pre-established, company backed, manufactured & inorganic “podcast” style programs, & clip shows from the large networks, are being supported.  & the reason they came here at all WAS FOR US!

of all the criticism regarding this (*most recent) mistake from the YT team; in truth, the only real error YT is making comes from regarding add revenue as the only type of “payment”. they will make slightly more money disincentivising creators. enough nonsense will still be uploaded. but…influence. a community defending the platform. proud to be part of it. access to youth & sub pockets of specific markets: that will be lost. in fact, there is status in taking more of the niche markets back underground. outside of the achievable (& psychological reinforcement) of the original partners program – what does YT offer now that makes the YT community a community?

the only guaranteed non-demonetized programs are essentially adds themselves! short clips for other established (often network owned) programs.

part of me feels there will just be something else. no matter what we do. bc it is unending w/the new mgt. they want it to just be cable tv. they dont care if it is all late nite clip shows, sponsored music videos, & infomercials w/ adds at the front & back – they just dont care! & they wont stop.

the old demonitization problem, since adpoc1, was never fixed or explained. guess that’s why “dont…oh, meh…BE EVIL! o_0” is their company motto.

you know Google dropped that motto – “Don’t Be Evil” – in 2015?! i sh*t you not. ultimately they want to make slightly more money off not paying creators, at all levels; bc we have no union (sz HG – but lets be honest here). & nearly all of us have full time jobs. these crappy vids ARE our spare time.  they want to make slightly more money off not paying creators, at all levels; & they will do it too. w/no penalty.

even the “YTRed” creators will be drastically under paid compared to the ppl their decent ideas get given to, to develop for Google’s ACTUAL orig content streaming service. mark my words. YT was something beautiful. & especially for those smaller or starting out; there is nothing else yet. & even if there was: Google would just buy that too. *sigh*

but once policy is set – it is the AI we are doing battle w/. ppl as numbers. interactions as counted clicks. & time videos are left playing.

& subscriber final count, w/the arbitrary cut off at 1k subs come FEB 20 of 2018. & only just announced. w/very little time to focus, & semester upon us (as it always is), & work in the morning (as it always is).

but we can only try anyway, to help each other as a community, bc…why not?  *shrugs*





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