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The Chronicle in Letters and Science is a writing hub maintained for the QCC library and  GSI print edition (Annual).*The Footprint program has been discontinued (July 21, 2016).

Board of Editors 2017/18

Jay J.Raphael: Philosophy(Mind)/Methods (Research)/Military & BioPsychology (UCSB)

Sally Rose: Criminology/Forensics (GU N/MG)

Nicole Free: Law/Civil Liberties (GUGC)

Robin Nightingale: Environmental Law/Climate Science/Psychology (UT A/FW)

Emily Watson-Shaw: Creative Industries/ New Media (QUKG)

John Patrick: Business/Economics & Finance/Law (UNSW)

Catherine Nugent: Political Philosophy/Journalism/Jurisprudence (ANU)

Media Contact: Twtr: – @Jai_Cilento

~ [And please take a moment to “Like” the page =D]: – JChronLettSci

Bloggers & Contributors – Other Projects:

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