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This is the BlockChain Media (Au) entry hub for the print edition of “Arts & Science – Quarterly” (ASQ).  In the era of “Fake News”, it is up to smaller, locally sourced, media to pick up the slack. BCM Group aims to cover topics in three broad areas: 1. New Media and Pop-Culture; 2. National Security, Federal and Local Politics; 3. Popular Science.

All regional pieces in new media, arts and popular science will be made available here, prior to being made available in-print. All ‘accepted-to-print‘ pieces are marked with the research/BCM logo, and date of acceptance. Any pieces written by BlockChain/ASQ staff, primarily as a stringer/freelance reporter for any unassociated overseas or online publications, are liable for publication in “Arts & Science” subject only to the terms and conditions of the specific employment contract. All pieces written as an official press officer/representative for BlockChain/ASQ are the property of BlockChain Media, and are automatically accepted into the print edition of “Arts & Science” (quarterly).

All pieces written as an official press officer/representative for BlockChain/ASQ are the property of BlockChain Media, and as such may not be submitted to any other publication, online or otherwise.

The print edition of “Arts & Science” (quarterly) is now available in the second week of the months of January / April / July and October.

Any inquiries regarding ASQ staff, donations, or subscription renewal; please contact the regional Director of Projects – BlockchainMediaAu@protonmail.com

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ACN: 518 875 665

Board of Editors 2018/19
Windsor Cunningham: (Ed-In-Chief & President)
J.R. Cilento: Methods (Res)/New Media/PopSc (DDirProj (Roving), Controversy/Unpopular Counterpoint & Ed@Lg)
Sally Rose: Criminology/Forensics (GU N/MG)
Nicole Free: Writing / SocSc /Civil Liberties (GUGC)
Robin Nightingale: Environmental Law/Climate Science/Psychology (UT A/FW)
Emily Watson-Shaw: Creative Industries/ New Media (QUKG)
John Patrick: Business/Economics & Finance/Law (UNSW)
Catherine Nugent: Political Philosophy/Journalism/Jurisprudence (ANU)


DepDir (Projects/ Roving Ed@Lg) JR. Cilento, BCM Group:  – @Jai_Cilento
Social Media Manager Milly Clare, ASQ : – @BCMGroupASQ
~ [And please take a moment to “Like” the digital division page =D]: – JChronLettSci


★AU Local Reporting Requirements
Regional Content Chief Editors & Contributing Sr Field Associates/Consultants
Alexandra Davies: Psychology/ Pop Culture / Politics (Exec C.Ed)
J.R. Cilento: Methods (Res)/New Media/PopSc (DDirProj (Roving), Controversy/Unpopular Counterpoint & Ed@Lg)
Dan Waters: Cyber/Technology/InfoSec (QUT) (RegDDP (QLD) & Consulting/C.Ed)
S. Lightfeather: Technologist/VetSc / EnvSc (AsscDir & 1st AsstDP (NSW))
Dayna Templeton: Local & INat PoliSc (RegDDP (Tasmania) & C.Ed)
Rach Wood: Pop Culture & New Media/Hlth & PopSc (RegDDP (UK)/AsscDir WA) & C.Ed)
Aaron Sherwood: Local PolSc/PopC (RegDDP (NZ) & C.Ed)
Vikki Vans: PopC & New Media/Edu (RegDDP (Canada) & C.Ed)
Becky Hogge: Edu/PoliSc/PopSc (RegDDP (West, USA) & Ed@Lg)
Micki Create: PopC & new Media/Film (Columbia) (RegDDP (East, USA) & C.Ed)
Rob Nightingale: EnvLaw/Climate Science/Psychology (UT-A/FW) RegDDP (Sth, USA)


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BCM Group – Advocates & Investigators (DIAC)

“A psychiatric hold  is nothing at all like prison: In prison they can’t hold you without charge, not issue a release date, inject you with chemicals & force medical procedures upon your person without your consent”
Advocate: IPRA[InVolTxQ]-LAEntryQQGovQGen
The medical (coronial/ME) evaluation, and mental health in-patient system, advocacy team does not operate from this page. Please refer to your initial contact for further information on a specific case. Seek another advocacy agency if in any doubt. 
Mental Health Tribunal: Involuntary Holds Docs:
MtlHlthComr (etal) AHPRA+Whistleblower QPILCHLawRight | MedMal Lawyers [1] [2] | DIAC |
[State Human Rights Act 2020][0181126][ADRC][State Human Rights Act 2020ACTQHRC]


For after hours Witness, Non-Bench Judicial & Minor Bench Duties (including Arrest/Search Warrants) please allow at least 72hrs post contacting me for confirmation. For forensic interview, 72h warrants, extending detention, advanced health directives & enduring powers under a time pressure: use the urgent contact. Contact Email:- LayJusticeQLD@PM.ME
[State Human Rights Act 2020]-AUConstitution+Amdmts[qrf][2]|USConstitution+Amdmts
Ros-Cilento, Jay Author page                                                                                                                                                     ASIC: (BCM Group)

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