Section I: Are Hot People Just Dumber?


Well no, not exactly. But yes.

Let’s back up.

I hate babies, right? I hate babies and puppies and kittens. Con artists that they are. Just as I recoil when I am attracted to someone by looks. That being said, I have only dated particularly beautiful people. But by accident!

Because it is dangerous being attractive, both for those who know it and those who don’t. A great danger in being dumb, slowed in growth by easy distraction and false praise by completely vacant others.

Sure, I always tell people when they look hot. But it is always a complete con, much like their face.

Adept fashion choices will garner more genuine applause from me. As so they should: since there is thought in fashion.

There is no thought in being born with big eyes and a symmetrical face.

J.J.Raphael (2012). Philosophy of Love Series. The Journey Chronicle in Letters and Science, First published Issue 8 (11). 4th Edition (Current Ed 9th).

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~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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3 Responses to Section I: Are Hot People Just Dumber?

  1. Abandon TV says:

    The various reasons why beautiful and sexy people might have less of an incentive to work at being smart (and vice versa) are pretty obvious.

    Beauty is typically our way of interpreting symmetry, youth, health and vitality. A boring scientist might say that these attributes indicate good mother (or father) material with naturally desirable genetic characteristics to pass on to the next generation. This compels us all to value these people greatly, treat them like royalty which causes them to be less dependent on their own wits for survival. In fact, for these beautiful people (well the females at least) it is more to their advantage to play the helpless, weak, dumb bimbo card because this will trigger the protector instincts in men, as well as their competitive side, ensuring that only the best man (with the strongest genes) wins the prize (the girl) and gets to mate with her.

    One can argue that acting ‘pathetic’ (and thus triggering male protector behaviour) is a natural and successful survival strategy for women – perhaps one of many, and one which only really works if you are beautiful and young…… just as being a ‘hunter’ and a ‘tough guy’ is a survival strategy for men (again on of many and one which works best if you are physically big and strong).

    But the non scientific explanation is just that we are all attracted to beauty 🙂

    But there is another interesting theory out there that the whole ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype is due to an additional factor. And that factor is the Nazi program of trauma based mind control AKA ‘Project MK Ultra’. After the war (thanks to ‘project paperclip’) these Nazi mind scientists were imported to the US and the program continued under the CIA. After various scandals involving, shall we say, rather ‘unethical’ experiments on human subjects (complete with public apologies from presidents) the program was eventually split up and driven underground and is rumoured to be one of the many secret ‘black projects’ in operation today.

    According to this theory (and the testimony of mind control victims) mind control programming has many uses such as assassins, special forces, spies, sex slaves and even outstanding sportsmen etc.

    Those poor victims (typically young women) who are specifically programmed to be obedient sex slaves, prostitutes, blackmail bait and obedient celebrities tend to be blondes (either natural or not).

    Marilyn Monroe is alleged to be the first public example of a mind control victim who had this kind of programming. Whether or not she was indeed programmed, her life story certainly fits with that a typical victim of mind control. She was never allowed to be alone, she was surrounded by ‘handlers’ all the time, she was ridiculously oversexed, she was ‘passed about’ (not unlike a doll, or perhaps we should say a prostitute) by the political elite, she was not allowed to live a normal life even though she yearned for one, she was undergoing constant ‘psychiatric treatment’, her exaggerated and cartoonish persona appeared separate from her actual self (or what remained of it) and she died young under mysterious circumstances.

    Many high profile ‘celebs’ since Monroe are also alleged to have undergone such programming – a more recent example being Britney Spears. Her life also strongly suggests mind control programming. When she had her ‘breakdown’ she even died her blonde hair brown (its natural colour) and eventually shaved it all off, as if it was symbolic of her enslavement to the cult which she was trying to escape from. She even said “I’m fed up with people touching me” (or words to that effect) and then drove for miles until she was picked up. Classic behaviour of someone trying to leave a cult. She was picked up by her handlers, put in a ‘mental hospital’ and as I remember it she was back on stage in a leather bikini looking extremely dazed and confused within weeks….

    She has often spoken about wanting to just be a normal mother to her kids and leave a normal life now. She has the money to do it….or perhaps not. Her entire life is controlled and is legally in the hands of others. Officially this is because she is unstable, but is it really because she is a mind control slave / cult victim? (the two blur into one in many respects).

    See this article (and the articles linked below it) for more on Spears’ bizarre and tragic life.

    Pop acts like Spears (and Monroe before her) have instructed millions of young girls on how to view themselves and the world (and the same goes for the equivalent role models for boys). Parents rarely question these role models because they assume they are NOT being controlled by an army of handlers and ultimately by the military industrial complex and used as vehicles for propaganda / indoctrination / dumbing down of the masses.

    To suggest such a thing is to be a ‘crazy conspiracy theorist’ of course!

    But, from a historical perspective, if (at least some of) these high profile celebrities are NOT being used as propaganda vehicles to influence the attitudes and behaviour of society then that would be the first time in history.

    Hmmmm, what do you think…?

    At the very least many of these alleged mind control victims are known to have been abused as children causing them to develop ‘dissociative identity disorder’ – DID (formerly ‘multiple personality disorder’ – MPD). This natural tendency of the brain to ‘split’ into various amnesic compartments (AKA ‘alters’) when subjected to sustained and extreme trauma is well known and is said to form the basis of MK Ultra’s ‘trauma based mind control’ (hence the name). A classic example of this is a car accident where the most traumatic part of the event is ‘locked up’ within our memory and surrounded by an amnesic barrier. Presumably there is a survival advantage to locking up such trauma – that would certainly make sense anyway…

    So anyway, according to this MK Ultra / dumb blonde theory (and to be fair it is far more than JUST a theory, with a lot of supporting evidence to back it up) the stereotype of the celeb having a ‘mental breakdown’ due to the pressures of working in Hollywood is another myth to cover up what is really going on: a breakdown of the mind control programming – something which is known to often occur around about age 30, which is often when these celebs have their ‘breakdowns’ and/ or ‘commit suicide’ or have an fatal ‘accident’ (research the ’27 club’).

    And the ‘dumb blonde’ stereotype is perhaps a cover story of sorts to account for the typical ‘dazed and confused’ state which these mind control / sexually abused / cult victims often exhibit in public. Or perhaps it is just society’s natural way of trying to explain the vacant and (as we perceive it) ‘shallow’ and ‘over sexed’ behaviour of such high profile people (such as Monroe or Spears) during interviews etc … a stereotype which has then rubbed off onto all blondes.

    The whole thing can be thought of as a sliding scale with sexual/ physical / psychological abuse at one end and full blown mind control at the other – with a full rainbow of cult-like goings on in between. Hollywood (and the entire corporate entertainment industry as a whole) is definitely a cult just as much as it is a military industrial propaganda operation and a money making machine…. this short video sums it all up quite well.

    For more stunning, compelling and shocking evidence of the cult/ occult side of the entertainment industries check out:

    vigilant citizen
    pseudo occult media

    In the final analysis I think it’s worth bearing in mind that visual media (of any great quality) is only a few generations old. TV and the internet is even younger. Photoshop is even younger than that. As a species we really haven’t had time to get to grips with concepts like ‘celebs’ and ‘glossy magazines’ yet.

    Hopefully we will regain our senses and our critical minds (!) soon and not be so easily swayed by hot babes and gorgeous hunks in pop videos, movies, or reading the (so called) ‘news’. With a critical mind we can appreciate beauty and enjoy it, but without becoming so vulnerable to beauty-based propaganda in our media 🙂

    I definitely advocate the development of understanding and critical thinking (natural immunity), rather than outrage and authoritarian censorship. But of course this must be self education. The media (and its advertisers) will never help us become more savvy to the methods by which the media manipulates us – why would it?


    • A lovely reply. Yes, I was going to write my thesis on aesthetics and my grad major was forensic intelligence so I could comment on a lot of it. But it would be another 9’000 words. For now to suffice it to say, thanks for the reflections dude, appreciate it Xxx XD


    • I wish I could reply to every word, but if you’re off the TV, good for you.

      There is so much research not even classified on … well on a lot of things. Or declassified.

      You know how to hide things? High quality 26bit encryption: in Humint we call them “words”. Stops most people.

      If anyone gets close, start a group: gay christians against big bang theory (show); Gov to ban football.

      You can really just make them up, it all works. Let em fight for years and just end on “ok, football will stay on TV: the ppl have spoken SUCH FREEDOM!”

      Thanks for commenting on my outlet here. ^^


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