Section V: Philosophy of Love Part IV; Philosophers in Love Whirlwind Tour

As I said, there are many many people that don’t (in reality) conform to the relationship ideals that they tell themselves that they do. In fact, that is most of them.

And that’s not even including your relationship in that. Which we probably should.

But the philosophers. There are just so many great stories. As I’ve stated, they literally all had open relationships. Engels … actually, skip the list: just assume “all” unless otherwise specified.

I’ll run through a few favourites.

Tolstoy waited till his wedding day to reveal at the alter his homoerotic leanings, affairs and prostitutes to his bride to be:  in the form of a detailed diary. She cried. Women, pffft. That’s why you’ve got to lie to them.

Socrates of course slept with many young boys, as was the custom. Being one of my hero’s he gets a quote:

Marry if you want. If you get a good wife you may even be happy. If you get a bad wife; you become a philosopher”.

So great. My ancient Greek is a bit off, but the gist is there.

300 BC and already knew it was a terrible Idea. Too bad Christianity would be the official state mandated religion round those parts re in just 7 short century’s.

(*side note: Yeah, that’s right about half a MILLENNIA after Christ walked the earth, people decided “you know who made sense: that Jesus fellow. I took a while to come around but, yeah; lets spear head the whole operation, build a Vatican right here, you know, and really get behind this thing)

Also bear in mind, re Socrates, he would probably still have been able to sleep with boys throughout his marriage to Xanthippe. Non-cookie.

Also, she was apparently an unholy cow. So much so her name was used for “shrew” in Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”. This was actually because of her real life personality and its renown. So get a bad wife, become a philosopher, get a f*cking shrew and you end up Socrates.

J.J.Raphael (2012). Philosophy of Love Series. The Journey Chronicle in Letters and Science, First published Issue 8 (11). 4th Edition (Current Ed 9th).

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~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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