AMA Blocks All “Non-Medical” Prescibing (Oh, Except Dentists)

In a recent leaked document, the AMA has returned to a “strong stance” on prescription rights.

In a brief statement earlier today, some commentators commentated “What a pile of crap”.

The NP program should be made a DNP and experienced nurses, who are willing to undertake an intensified formal pharm program, should come back as Dr.

What MBBS/MD knows patient care better then the senior RN or CN? How often do “they” shout something over their shoulder as they walk away, or expect drugs to be already drawn up, and written up, waiting just to sign; as if some jester has brought the Lord a scroll to assent into law with their magic, and unintelligible, scribble ?

Killed the PA program, maybe fair enough. That was a very short program.

And hospital pharmacists certainly have the knowledge (WELL beyond most doctors: ask someone you wok with the mechanism of any drug used daily, you’ll be shocked. I may write a paper on it called ‘Pop Quiz’). But with pharmacists there gets to be a “too many cooks” problem, regarding opinions on doses. Also, it would turn pharmacists into walk in GP’s. That is dangerous.

But ClinPsy/NeuroPsy and DNP prescribing rights, within their specialty, would benefit everyone in the next 30 years: in time wasted (saved); patient outlay for multiple specialists (avoided or more swiftly referred); the trouble finding doctors for more minor consults throughout the day will be gone; standing orders less necessary in exchange for more active care; and most of all, no trying to find a doctor who left without touching the chart or ordering any scans, after telling the patient different and that pain relief is on the way.

How about caring for the population holistically and with immediacy in general, rather than running everything on an under-qualified, and ever decreasing, skeleton crew? Novel concept for some, patient care first, I know.

Thank God we do not need the AMA to make law, and allied health unions are vastly more sizable. And you can add patient advocacy groups to that.

And just what the hell does “non medical” mean in this context? What are you old white men even talking about. Aren’t you worried about the state of the place at the time of your first stroke in the next few years?

How about some patient care over self importance.

Dr J.J.R, hc (BioEthics)


First Published AMA Newsletter, In response, Feb.

Try perhaps:- “McDonald’s Family Restaurant

About J.Chron.Ltt.&Sci. [JCR]

~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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