Student loans Are Expensive.

Golden Loan Debt

Student loans are expensive.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be who I am without them; but I can not help but think that me, and many others, will never pay them off. Let alone use them. And what if you want to change fields?

Is it possible that at 17 years old I didn’t quite know as much as I thought I did?

Yes, it is possible. In fact people in their 40’s don’t imagine 60; I had no idea what a career was.

In a time when pushing for the right of a state funded school to charge $220’000-300’000 for a medical degree can be put forth without blushing, and with 4 year programs sometimes costing $100k themselves at other state schools, like at Cal (UCB ): should someone be asking if things are getting out of hand here? I don’t know, just putting it out there. To all those who went before me getting their education for free, and whose retirement I will be paying for, without a job, thanks to them.

Programs keep getting longer, paperweighting heavier, and registration ever more arbitrary in its nonnegotiable national requirements (that just so happen to vary by school).

I have barely enough loan capacity left, assuming nothing changes any further (*big assumption), to register with the 8 or so bodies that now govern my three main fields. Two of those fields require registration and up keep to practice.

With registration lapsed, I am 2-4 years away from being able to practice (study and supervision inclusive); and this also would be assuming I wasn’t bound by the DHS redundancy law. Which I am.

Yes, few realise it, but for being downsized from that billion dollar hospital I am forbidden to study full time.

Indeed, all the poor are.

Thus, in order to up skill, as they advise, I must take 8 years before I can begin again on the bottom rung, with my contemporaries well into their career by comparison. This law helps nobody and interestingly hurts everyone, including the government: yep, that sure sounds like government intervention to me alright.

So, I can practice without insurance (but also technically without any set of ethics I’ve said I’d abide by so…I’d need a lawyer but that is probably ok).

I could maybe leave states to where my doctorate is better recognised, and teach spiritual psychology with one of my many evangelical relatives down south.

I could turn my research towards intelligence and law, but one would hope as a “Forensic specialist” (taken right out of the grad school handbook) any benefit that would give me would already be met.

Besides, I predict massive cut backs in that overstocked sector. There is always private intelligence work I suppose, but again there is going to be an influx.

Anyway, I don’t want to work in depressing areas anymore; I don’t want to read depressing case studies either. But I do want to be recession proof, and all recession proof careers are depressing. That’s the irony of a depression; the ones who still have jobs have the depressing ones.

I could join the military and have them pay (of course, we all know that is not really quite how the equation works, I’m not 17 anymore so “leveling up”, shiny things, and a whole lot of promises don’t quite ‘do it’ for me; but that’s a whole ‘nother article).

And in truth I’m sure conscription will come along in due course, if it isn’t already still on the books. Which I bet it is. Probably renewed December 2012, for…no reason. Just diligent politicians (is there another kind?).

So, realistically, I will end up back in a hospital, at least until I finish supervision, and then private practice as I try and double back into the kind of research I will actually enjoy.

By which time the research qualification extensions I’m doing now will be meaningless, AND need to be repeated (at full price, naturally).

Meaning, I should probably look very hard at steering this program into something else. Something off chart. Something lighter maybe. Like Journalism. Or media. Or policy. Or law. Or some general science I never got to do. Or death and status. Oh, wait I’m doing it again. And the way I would approach those things: none of them would be “light” by the end. See, but I am serious all the time though, at the end of the day; just entirely disengaged. How very gen Y.

And what about what I want to do?

I know, how entirely first world of me. I should be happy as long as someone else somewhere is more miserable, I think that is the rule. Never mind my ever impending death. I never quite understood it, that expression, but I understand the premise. The premise is “shut up, I’m in the middle of playing my own damn violin”.

Of course, the left will prefer to pretend it has something to do with caring. It clearly doesn’t. How does you giving up on your life, because you are too weak to stand alone over going with the crowd, possibly help feed a starving baby anywhere? No, it means shut up, that’s all. (Off topic).

In any case, it is certainly not getting any better from here on in, and is going to cost around $100’000: that’s all there is to it.

As I approach my 7th and 8th graduations I wonder if I will still bother to go? I do like costume.

But more importantly, let us just hope I do better at predicting the entire rest of my life, and global circumstances throughout that period, this time around. A relative will have to die before I am anywhere near close to being able to even attempt, to have a crack, at having a go at changing fields again. I’m joking, of course. It would clearly take the death of more than one relative to pay for that.

It is just sobering to realise that I don’t have a job for potentially 8 years, savings aren’t safe, devalued by the coming inflation; heck BANKS go bankrupt now.

So do countries.

I do not own a house, and yet all that aside; what I AM guaranteed is the $100’000 debt loan, that can’t be defaulted on even through bankruptcy or death, to help kick start my new career. That I can count on.

And if anything goes wrong along the way, all qualifications (or part qualifications) are useless.

That must be because they keep all the best teaching and information for the final week of your final degree.

Well, I assume.

First Pub J.J.R. (2013). Chron. Lett & Sci, Student loans are expensive, (2), 23.


Perhaps:- “AMA Blocks All “Non-Medical” Prescibing

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