McD’s: Why S-MI Have Heart Attacks Too [RE-PENT – 2]

What blew my mind the most in my 4 weeks interning was the McD’s. There were heaps of other things, a panda express that was new. But it really seemed so… American that McD was even here. Kind of puts a bullet in the “poison the world through McD” conspiracy. Assuming you can trust me, of course.

And I didn’t eat there lol. But more because, again, everything was a test. 

So that’s the story really. I’m not sure what else they want me to document.

I then got 6 weeks of formal (everything’s a test) downtime. I went and checked out McD’s around the world. My girl at the time didn’t understand my fascination with the chain.

On returning to LA to meet my at the time girlfriend [SEO], my handler surprised me when she insisted on coming along. American born, but based in Canberra, I can’t say much more about her. But she actually remained my OPC for the next 2 years. Hey, I bet she already knew that -_-. Of course. I wasn’t even sure she out ranked me, though her father was a one star; so that’ll probably do it.

At least I didn’t have to live in Canberra.

But by the time we got to Santa Barbara, most of the foreign nationals made it to a mock send off. The fact no one seemed to have classes with me; none of them were the same age; or even attended the same school; and that none of them were really even American (bar 2, who I think were genuine randoms from Isla Vista) didn’t seem to get noticed.

People just don’t notice things, it’s such a blessing. Makes life so much easier; and makes other “notice-ers” by far more easy to spot.

Also, the OPC helped too; she thinks fast on her feet. Kept the girlfriend distracted by saying she was the exact female version of me and some other nonsense the group picked up on and carried. But I’m sure it helped to have a friend that wasn’t Swedish or Italian or Canadian (global posts); even if America still seemed to have very few Americans in it [SEO] didn’t seem to complain or ask any questions.

My (soon to be) OPC early on suggested a love interest plot line for my time away. Though I honestly think this was just to stir things up, and not overly operational at all. We get bored like any job.

Every recruit came to the send off. It wasn’t for me, really, but for all of us. But since I had the only Civ front present; it became my party. Which was pretty great. And Ive even had to do some low tech intercepts on the Gold Coast in Aus with some of them since. That was strangely enjoyable as well. Reminiscing or whatever I guess.

Lt.(Sub).Cmdr  J.J.R, (GSI- [A01]-AusD3-CivPsyOps), Rpt/AppNo: HxA01-353-3113/AReprinted JChronLettSci (2013). From Re-Pent. Ed5

About J.Chron.Ltt.&Sci. [JCR]

~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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