SUBORDINATE COMMAND LIEUTENANT IS THE ABSOLUTE LOWEST RANK  that a generalist can hold, and still be left alone for most of their work. I’d hardly say I got lucky; more impending under staffing on the way. No assistance, but answer to everyone if something goes wrong. That’s my beat.

I’m due for a call rotation that will take a few days, maybe a week. White paper policy implement. I don’t really have to go, but it’s one less thing I have to go to later. I’m kind of looking forward to it. I think we are just heading down south. See the new net-phish.

I’d like a rotation call OS, but just for a few weeks. And no where too foreign. Gosh, I’ve been so well placed.

At PGon, where I interned for 4 weeks to undertake post grad streamline, it was pretty impressive. If too nerve wracking to enjoy. I wish I could go back a bit, because I wouldn’t be like that now.

I had a temp desk in B409, training was down in G, across 3 rooms. But we got to be toured through E ring. Once on my own. E ring is NICE. They have exhibits and stuff.

The rest is more like a casino version of the inside of those buildings above stores in inner city malls, if you have ever had cause to be in one. But I really spent a lot of my (spare) time by day in the prayer and meditation room.

It was pretty sparse: a Madonna, electric candles, one of those Jesus-y basin things. Obviously more Christian than meditation per say. But it made me feel secure, like I was back in my own space.

I always had meditation rooms in my houses, you see, and it did calm me a bit that I had this place I could go to that the others didn’t.

Fusion centers were just being discussed then, for A05, my soon to be tertiary A01, and A02 was well underway as well. When I first heard of the concept I didn’t think it would get off the ground. And it kind of only half did, if you think about it. Small resurgence now, but there will be cut backs again before new entry ports are even point mapped. Even at the old sites. And we don’t need them anyway (off topic, as usual).

Though the Sigit bag wasn’t my dept at the time, more Humint if anything, after a few (successful) dry runs I realised this type of behavioural analysis was probably more me anyway. Still people-y-ish, just with no actual people.

But I put my hand up for A03. Which never got built as far as I am aware.

So between A01, half of A02 which stayed based out at pine, and A05 which had just been completed (and WCom, obvi) that seems to be enough. Still arguably over kill, actually. Though a few more posts would be nice. We could get a post on Tamborine without crowding noise traffic too much (off topic). There are other mountains with basic tech that can double a beam. Anyway. Footprint. Journal, right. Back on it.

You know you can walk anywhere in the P’gon in under 5 mins (I have long legs). I was pretty restricted, that being said. But from point to point; it is a genius design.

We were underground, but they called it ground anyway, with L2 as the actual ground. Actually, they do that at Wesley too. And level 2 as ground; why?

There were rumored 3 levels beneath my temp office, with a forth stronghold that was much smaller. I only mention this because it is not technically classified; but the blueprints show only 1 floor beneath us from G (and remember we are already on under). But we picked up shadow on bounce sweeps. We were told this would happen before, so as to not raise alarms.

There was no tour of that section.

I only got to tour past E on my own because I went for a wander, after initial brief. In fact; I don’t know what my pass would have opened. Maybe I could have had a look see. I doubt it. And I doubted diplomatic immunity would stretch that far. But you never know. I’m brave with stuff like that as a rule (read: impulsive), but even I have some “there is a time and place” settings somewhere deep deep (deep) in my make up. And also, I couldn’t shake the feel (correctly, I now know) that everything was a test.

Lt.(Sub).Cmdr  J.J.R, (GSI- [A01]-AusD3-CivPsyOps), Rpt/AppNo: HxA01-353-3113/A

Reprinted JChronLettSci (2013). From Re-Pent. Ed5

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~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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