A Life Pre-Lived

A Life Pre-Lived | This Underground Life (Epilogue)

My father was never in the military.

And this makes perfect sense. He was a smooth talking, guitar playing, stand up comic after all; and those positions in the defence forces are reasonably limited.

He was a salesman by day. My mother was a clairvoyant who owned a crystal store; and both were away from home a lot for work. This all sounds fairly reasonable so far.

My fond memories with my father involve going over pages and pages of A4 code, looking for errors. Getting games to run without buying the disks. “A single bracket, space or full stop can make all the difference son” he use to say, while professing to be a technophobe the whole time.

And, of course, I told others he was a technophobe. The line echoed through me as it was taught to me. As it was meant to, I have little doubt. The lesson that “people are only able to speak truth through their behaviour“, was one due to come later.

It is only now I realise that coding of any kind was reasonably hands on, for a technophobe. That, savvy as they may think they are, the truth was:- how many Gen Y or Millenials, outside of computer science, have ever really done anything that comes anywhere near close to that? Even today? Very few.

Much of my life is circumstantial. Perhaps by design. Perhaps by habit.

But certain pieces of “beyond circumstantial” evidence arise, from time to time, that have a tendency towards inspiring the inquiring mind.

My father has a military record, for example.

To suffice it to say, it is reasonably difficult to have a record of your military service if you never served in the military.

This has only been elaborated on in dribs and drabs across my lifespan, but I imagine he could not trace all his stories to lay out, even if he wanted to (my father is 20yrs my mother’s senior).

Direct questions do not get you anywhere, and I imagine my sisters do not know much at all. And I can not know what my brothers know due to [REDACTED]. In fact, as children we were kept quite separate. We even all attended separate schools.

I was treated differently. Perhaps as the eldest son of the unit.

When my slacking off at school threatened my University eligibility; my parents arranged a meeting with the Attorney General, to endorse me and bring an end to any delays.

Though this seemed fine at the time, sitting in his Gotham City office in the State Law Building *[see “Alone in Gotham City”]; looking back, and comparing stories with friends: this is in fact a tad peculiar.

Our parents all live a full lifetime before we are born, and another while we live our own.

It is interesting, if abstract; but I think that I came to be where I am, predominantly as an unconscious expression of my parent’s will.

Certainly nothing was ever talked about directly. Not that I remember.

Yet the examples of odd omission continue with my mother.

My mother had no military record that I could find. She had, however, studied psychology at Fort Worth, Texas.

This is not, in and of itself, overly peculiar: except that she had never
mentioned it before. And she had never been to Texas.

That, and she lived in Hawaii.

I learned about Fort Worth only after finding the University records in the
document safe. I was sorting through old document files looking for my own birth certificate and passport, before my own trip to the United States, when I came upon them.

When confronted with what I had found she said “Oh yes, you knew I studied psychology, didn’t you? I did live in Hawaii for a while, that is true; but then I moved to Fort Worth Texas”.

Oh did you? Is that what happened. Oh, well OK then. That solves that.

Most explanations I get are that brief. And out of the blue (usually because I find something irrefutable). Nothing is forthcoming with them. My mother had spent her 21st birthday in Las Vegas, for example.

Now, I have been to Vegas 4 times. Do you know when this came up? Never.

I only found out because of [REDACTED], and even that only got mentioned during questioning about how and why she would possibly just up and go to Fort Worth.

And for the dates to make sense, she has to have then gone back to Hawaii; which apparently she did.

And she was “suppose” to return to Fort Worth, but was unable due to a,
poorly elaborated, story involving a still serving [REDACTED]; meaning
finding work there “would not have been feasible at that time”.

*([REDACTED] and must also have been chair of the “Tarot and Clairvoyance Best Practices Committee“. That makes total sense. I mean, one does have to keep busy, doesn’t one?).

How she came to be in Australia has still never been explained. Which only goes to further illustrate my point. Surely that is a standard tale that should have come up over some dinner, once.

She had studied psychology, it is true I did know that. But she studied it over here in Australia. And she was taking courses “updating” qualifications, that much does seem familiar.

But as a kid this was just never questioned any further.

And she was a therapist. Or at least that was a reasonable cover used to explain certain other things that use to go on at the house.

And certain people being at the house; all of which was clearly beyond the purview of a Tarot reader “in hindsight”.

And “in hindsight”, said “things” very probably were not “those things” at all.

But that is all I can say on that.

The truth is, as is the case with most places that have “Fort” in the title; apart from military, and civilian intelligence, training bases, “Fort Worth” doesn’t boast an overwhelming number of tourist destinations.

Rather, in the period she was there (while also dating [REDACTED] I might add); Fort Worth housed the largest strategic air command unit of its kind.

The largest employers were (and more or less remain) companies like Bell Helicopters, Cessna Jets and Lockheed Martin.

As such, one can easily imagine that the town would have been crying out in desperate need for a Tarot reader from Hawaii.

It is still listed as one of the best cities for defence/intelligence jobs and training, with a specific focus on the Asia Pacific region; particularly China, Taiwan and the Philippines.

DIA oversee a permanent site there for Humint, Sigit, Oint (etal). And not only do
they have information coming to that site from global locations; they deploy globally as well.

*(see if you can name the regional ally that runs the largest off shore collection site for that theater?).

The US military, as you may know, divides the world into theaters of command. The largest team to focus exclusively on the pacific theater is based in Fort Worth, a block from where she was living.

However, the Admiral in charge of the U.S. Pacific Command, Adm. Robert Willard, is not at the site in Fort Worth. He is based out of Hawaii.

This may be the first, and potentially only, thing that links Fort Worth and Hawaii. And it may even go a ways to explaining how we came to live in Australia.

But none of this even comes close to explaining why I wasn’t able to be told my mother spent her 21st birthday in Las Vegas.

However, contrary evidence pending, I am compelled to assume that it has at least something to do with a donkey, a pound of cocaine dusted Mary-Jane, and at least 4 dead hookers.

Follows on from “Is Bat-Man Bruce Wayne” | This Underground Life (Epilogue)

LSC J.J.R. for QCC-GSI Internal [2013]. Staff Focus Issue: “How Did You Come to Work for GSI”, Serial #, Ed11. [Sept05]

GSI is the investigative arm of the QCC. J.J.R. is a retained contributor and analyst  for inquiries that fall within the forensic or military academic space [since 2005]. He is also a longtime participant in specific field work applications, that fall within his remit, as required by GSI [since 2008].

TAthNo.:- A03-624T-23013-[Aug].

About J.Chron.Ltt.&Sci. [JCR]

~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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