The Drugs. The Strategies.

If you are not trained in cognitive techniques and meditation, let it be
suggested that this is essential.

Whether you are currently well or your function is disrupted; this is necessary. Or else all your opponents will have an advantage. Working with a GP and psychotherapist team (or modern dynamic psychiatrist) can assist in this reconciliation of medication and skill.

And there are other effective psychotherapies that are no longer popular, but still effective. Remain open, especially if you do not “click” with early treatment.  But that is not for here.

However, to be without meditation and basic cognitive behavioural training is to leave you at a life long disadvantage.

As far as easy tricks – external chaos mirrors internal turmoil. Keep your space tidy.

A related technique is to have a clear “thinking space”. This is not a place per se, but a clear bench, perhaps; like an alter. If nothing else in the house is clear and clean: let this space be. At all times as well. Not a glass of coffee or beer upon it from anyone (no matter how loved or “hot” said person may be).

This is particularly useful in share houses or with children about.

Making the bed of a morning I also find to be of assistance. I believe it is a case of small success. Small tasks for DA firing in the VTA/Nacc reward probably apply here. Irrespective of mechanism, these tasks help amazingly.

As does just leaving the house without cause. Different backdrops lead to different thoughts. In addition to the activity itself. Take time for yourself weekly, at a minimum; this is not negotiable.

Turn everything into little tasks. Make strategic, operational and immediate tactical plans for everything. Once made, put all worry aside and simply implement them without further thought. With your best laid plans, under the circumstances, let events unfold as they may.

Force your self to make contact with people. Even minor contact with the people you hate, or are indifferent towards, somehow helps.The bus driver, the art gallery attendant. I reason that this is another biological social circuit being rewarded.

Massage is an oxytocin and vassopression release hack. Also endorphins and enkephalins. If you can afford it – massage is a fine reason to go out.

You can even trigger a competition circuit if you try and do one more push up than yesterday or put a timer on before you shower. Don’t rush, don’t try to break records: it is something primal. It may be more available towards the male end of the spectrum, I am uncertain about that. But don’t worry about doing the push ups properly, don’t think about the timer: forget about it totally. It is interesting.

Get your heart rate up a little if you can though. Only if you can be bothered.

Even break down your dressing routine to brush one tooth at a time if need be. But get out of the house to somewhere that is not work.

You’ll be surprised how things just get done, and are better, with these steps in place.

Keep a journal, or make videos, without any purpose; other than for them to be made.

Creation itself the cause.

It is not only a map of yourself, but is an action in the world and engages the mind towards novel thought. This will be of benefit.

Or write an article, not unlike this. Whatever your field is. Get some things off your chest.

Another trick is to never be hard on yourself, but be determined. It is not your place to reject or degrade yourself on behalf of others.

It is not of benefit to give the power to “offend” or “reject” you to others either. Take actions in the world, but control your own reaction cascades. And as James-Lang recommend; control your facial expressions. Again, without going into too much detail, you will be surprised.

Move past times of un-capitalised items. Move immediately on to the next operation. One never knows the path to success and, no matter how something objectively appears; you are as likely to be better off then you were as a result of whatever happens – as far as you know.

Do not assume the negative – ever.

Humans are designed towards melancholy, for evolutionary safety. This must be actively disrupted both cognitively and with behaviour, forever.

It will take a little time to retrain your neurons (literally) how to fire more correctly. To destroy  (literally) any counterproductive neural connections. Or to by-pass/override them. If you are dissatisfied with your current wiring, then obviously it is time to start pulling out wires.

There are more advanced *(mildly dangerous) techniques to apply later. But they are not really required if you have these things to a mastery.

If you are afraid of hard work however, or think doctors to be wizards, or
expect any pills to be magic – you may find that you go through quite a few varieties, and at higher doses, with cycling successes and failures.

No medication can ever work as a daily magic pill – the connections of the brain are too complex and the state of pharmacology, far too simple.

This does not seem set to change. But that does not mean you do not have help in medications. All you need now is a guide to the drug world.

JJR. (2013). Psycho-Crazy Pills – How Do I Know What Psychiatric Medication I Should Take?-Top 5, J Chron. Lett. & Sci (1), Sept, Jaded Medicine Collection, Ed 5.

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