Cat Ears – & Why Am I Wearing Them?

Loveless c_41126

[Op Haystack- Prj Nova]

My life is exactly like the Batman detective novels. Boring.

And long. With far too much writing, thinking, planning and waiting; with not enough exciting parts, by a long shot.

But otherwise, me and Batzy – we’re twins.

Oh, except I seem to go through trashcans a lot more than he does in the films and comics as well.

But I do spend probably about as much time staring at computer screens as him. Though, name an industry where that isn’t the case.

Don’t get me wrong, life is good. I’m using my degrees. To catch incense ash mostly, true; but almost any use is a kind of ‘useful’. I didn’t have to buy an incense holder, for example. And a job is a job. I did train for this life, all my life.

Silent. Withdrawn. Meditative. I like it anyway; though it is a bit of a niche I suppose.

But my fan base is loyal. Being my fan base, I feel reasonably confident in making that claim.

So a new brief fell on my desk this morning, MiP (missing person). Probable runaway TG-02-2. [REDACTED]. They are always 2’s or 3’s.

2’s are less likely to actually be mixed up in any real trouble.

I haven’t done one of these in a while, though private contracts do still come in. ‘Footprint’ has a clause in it that means the contract holder will get to review this before posting or printing it anywhere (though that 4th wall breaker will probably be taken out).

But that clause is actually a good thing in this case (though I fought it tooth and nail during set up), because it means TArth will put a rush on the redactions review; and I need this posted now (August) not in 6 months time.

Though I understand their hesitations, I hope they will understand my motivations.

I hate being micromanaged (who doesn’t) and this is hardly my first day on the job.

I permanently carry 2 sets of gloves in my medkit; one for medical emergencies and one for going through trashcans.  Can be a dirty job, but [REDACTED]. And that’s not the half of it.

Moreover, it makes a nice change to the rewriting of the same report over and over, regarding the zero percent danger currently presented by the educated left. At least in my very large SubD of this oversized district.

So that should give you a further idea of how dull my life is: going through trashcans actually would be a welcome relief from constantly rewriting the same reports. Why can’t we just have a button I push that turns on a green light somewhere?

Oh, yes; accountability. That’s right. Well, the report system is certainly flawless in that respect. As we all know [REDACTED]. And others. In my own sardonic way, I’m just saying leave the green button option on the table, that’s all.

Anyway, I got the Haystack package. It is lacking.

Though the lead for Project Nova appears solid, I agree, but only if the initial suggestions from the profile are correct [REDACTED]. Again, they look fine: from the information the profiler had to draw upon.

However, I would like to run up my own, if it is all the same.

The indicators do appear to support that position; and that position supports my two (rejected) proposals with how to proceed, I might add.

But I also think the whole thing can be sured up, well within the time frame (with a little cooperation); and that way everyone gets what they want.

Now, it is true I did get a breach on a research proposal I posted recently.

But it should be noted that it was issued by a former employee with an axe to grind. And I’d bet Bill doesn’t even read breaches on these submissions. Nothing from FP or P/S either: I’d put money on it.

Besides, that right wing mother [lover] probably loves the idea; he could well be pulling together a plausibility team and funding crew as we speak. I wouldn’t hear till the last minute. It may be a bit early to say that.

But I haven’t heard anything formally yet regarding the supposed breach, is my point.

And C~D “Billy” isn’t really disgruntled. I should clear that. And not just because her daddy is a one star who golf’s with the fellow who could shut all my programs down with a word; though that is certainly a motivating factor.

However, I clear the air also because we, “Billy” and me, worked together quite well before Bill took over. In fact, she recruited me. I think I can say that now. And if not, it will just be missing.

And, since I am extremely suspect part of her purview is reviewing programs which began from FI/R’s who counted her as H/CO when she was with us full time; I am hopeful she will consider withdrawing that breach notice, upon further review of the material.

I just realised; when we met I knew she would be my liaising contact, which has a certain authority to it: but I didn’t think she actually outranked me. Not officially. But she did, I now know, even then.

All field positions initiated during that time period tend to be C~D “J” names in district 5 (and contract inclusives). Command positions tend to be variants on C~D “William”; for both males and females. “Billy”, cute as it is on a girl, was meant as a message as to who is boss. That was a message I was not yet equipped to receive. Probably counted as a failed test too, actually.


I’ll bet there are codes within codes and meaning behind letters, which hide meanings, with more letters in them.

And the system probably just proceeds in some not so complicated logical order. I’ve been involved in all of this just long enough not to care. I have my letters, and that is enough.

I don’t know how they came up with this system actually.

Probably two autistic kids and a super computer.

But it does save a lot of “who is your daddy and what does he do” time at conferences. You know, or at least it would. If we had them. I’m sure I could be the “funny guy” in the district office, if I only had the chance.

We need a suggestion box. But where do I put the suggestion for that? O_0.

That has bound to be a metaphor for something.

Oh, metaphor – the enemy of clear communication.

Which brings me to my next point:

What the hell is CosPlay?

Lsc J.J. (2013). Op. Haystack/ Prj. Nova, GSI-i, Oct. Ed5, (9).

Next: What the Hell is CosPlay?

From: **Serial Beginning**.

*Image “Loveless” c_41126

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