How Can One Roll a Single Die, Once; & Roll Higher than a 6?


I may require a guide at short notice. I want leeway restored on that.

Though it is always nice to have my own work quoted back to me, and yes, it is true all at the conference would see identity threat if challenged to prove knowledge on a topic: a more steady contact will be better as a “go to”. It will also limit “need to know” should the network map be incomplete.

I can get a lot of research done in a night, however, if I can not “temp. recruit” or “deputise” as in the first copy plan; then following Mil-P-R there are several regional candidates with an authoritative background, Auth path career ambitions and potentially NV2 clearance; ie open to both thankless motivation and blackmail.

See, the classics never get old.

Indeed, low tech is the new high tech. I may even be able to carry a notepad more freely than usual – depending on whatever the hell “Death Note” turns out to be about.

But if my initial draft plan would be reconsidered, this would be of benefit to all involved.

I’m more than happy to pop in a lip ring, pop on some cat ears and head on over, I just need the laptop; photos of how the room looked, not just when TG went missing, but before; and any “party with friends” or share house photos as well.

Old phones and old computers are also required. Even if you think they have been formatted.

Negative on the counter proposal OH-PN#4.

I do not want ID issued, certainly not to the conference or by the conference. It is one more thing to keep track of. I don’t carry anything on me like that. That isn’t the kind of work I do. I’ll be wearing a lip ring and cat ears remember. It never saves time, only wastes time, and usually key time. I’ll call Bill if there is a problem.

Just … no.

I require no details of where celebrity guests are staying. That would muddy the water. I’ll find what is leaked, trust me on that. They are all I’ll need. Keep it simple.

Negative on the suggested resources.

Even for single use, there is at least one kid in every group of friends who knows something about something. TG knows people are looking for TG, which is why all other projects are to be suspended until further notice [LCWT-J-A05-Approved].

For all the beauty of the new “power”phones; they are too easily hacked, blocked or traced if you’re identified, or even suspicious.

That, and the battery always runs down. Always. In fact, if you posted someone at every power outlet in the place: you’d eventually find anyone you wanted.

Or, as suggested in the initial draft rebrief; if we run a station for people to charge their phones and devices the same would be achieved.

If you want to be involved with the event so badly: enact this aspect of the draft.

Or else leave me alone, that is option two.

Negative to your James Bond rubbish. The first sign of an amateur. It is right up there with carrying ID. If we have satellite time, talk to me then.

The most tech thing I use are binoculars that read and record licence plates, and a Dictaphone.

And my famous Tarot cards, of course. You would be surprised what people will talk about if you just give them a socially valid platform, and a few gentle prompts.

Themselves. People can’t get enough of the topic. Closely followed by “secrets”.

For “State Secrets”; just add liquor.

Mind, pen and paper will do the rest. It is difficult to hack a notepad. If there is not an app for it, millennials probably can’t do it.

Sad really.

I’m from the last generation who can both turn on a computer, but also knows what a pencil is.

One thing still bothers me about this case so far; how do you roll higher than a six in a single roll, with only one die?

They probably just call it “rolling dice” for posterity.

I imagine it actually is an app.

Lsc J.J. (2013). Op. Haystack/ Prj. Nova. GSI-i Oct. Ed4, (9).

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