What would S.H.I.E.L.D. do?

Sam Jackson - Nick Fury

Some runaways want to be found, others have reason not to be. Some aren’t runaways.

The reasons in each case can be “legitimate” (ie unable to be reasoned against), or not.

It is for this reason, alongside more adept targeting, that I need a profile beyond what I have.

If we don’t have a minimum NCC-Lsc-(F3+) that is trusted and knows GSI write up protocols (preferably someone I know); I will need to fly down there before I begin.

If someone has been assigned, also send them this, along with all of the preceding material.

I need Halloween photos, especially the most recent. Who is TG dressed as? Who are TG’s friends dressed as? Costume parties the same applies. These must be correctly identified.

What costume did TG already own, if any?

I need to know what hero’s TG was first exposed to for projections. And latest exposure as well, but first is more important. Then the Friends. And lovers. These things have been previously outlined, but there is not time for another half complete profile.

This needs to be case specific. *(Hence Lsc (F3+), if possible).

They must be able to think as they write and review.

If I have these core points covered, however, I will be able to work out the rest within 2 or 3 locations at the event. With a bit of luck, there may be a single location that will prove a near certainty.

And again, let me reiterate, three locations is still workable: I do not see the benefit of being associated with the event.

TG is unlikely to be going anywhere off limits (nor would that stop me following). But that is not the smart game. This is why you pay psychological consultants.

Were TG to be associated with the event, TG would still not miss the identified locations; they will be the reason TG is involved at all in the first place.

Secondly, it reduces my mobility. People are going to notice when the line administrator turns around, takes off their shirt, and blends off into the crowd.

And I can only get away with that kind of behaviour once. Although, I’m already having additional ideas; but those are new solutions to new problems, created by the operation brief.

I should not need to be burning sugar addressing them. We can just not create them.

I appreciate the offer, but I don’t need help. I’m not the one who hired me. Though, if I did need help; hiring me is exactly what I would do.

[REDACTED] whether you agree or not, it is how I would like to proceed. It is a good lead, but in a crowd of this size, and an event across days; a tactical “flush” is still required. Additional eyes wouldn’t hurt.

And not to go on about it (because that is not in my character – I’m more of the “shut up, no thinking, just follow orders type” …but just on this one point…); how do you roll a single die, once, and roll higher than a six?

Lsc J.J. (2013). Op. Haystack/ Prj. Nova. GSI-i Oct. Ed4, (9).

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From: I Require a Personal Dungeon Master

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