Nova in a Haystack

Who knows What Evil Lurks [Best c-u img]

We know what evil lurks in the hearts of men.

Even in Australia, someone is reported missing every 15 minutes. Well, every 18 minutes according to the last FedStats. That being said, less than .005 cases remain unsolved in district 3.

Indeed, it is rare that people ‘choose’ to go missing. Really missing. Certainly to just ‘vanish’, outside of something really bizarre, like a dissociative fugue state; it is virtually unheard of. If people are looking into it, it will be solved.

What this means to an investigator, of any sort, is that people can be found.

That there will be a thread-lead to pull on somewhere; one which will unravel the ‘cloak of concealing’: bringing revelation to the missing person’s location. *waits for applause*.

Often it is only one thread too, isn’t that the truth. The right thread, suddenly you just see it.

That or they are dead I suppose. But even then, if you’re fast enough.

Far less time to work with though, in such a case. Fewer foot steps causing ripples, with echoes fading. No new ones being rendered for consideration.

For this reason – there are protocols. For both enforcers and contractors alike, there are protocols to follow that stem from experience; not just bureaucracy.


And, as pointed out above, they work quite well.

However, in complete opposition to the advice of the field operators, including my own reports; contact and associations have been made with the event organisers (but not security); I have been assigned a static location at the event; with minimal backup or recruit capability; limited only to [REDACTED] and my wits (which are, thankfully, ample).

I am sure we can make do. Not that we have much of a choice.

It is, however, nice to have almost all of Haystack in one city. This will be a welcome change of pace cf the majority of solo projects many of us get waylaid into accepting by exaggerated claims; only to be paperweighted in place and forgotten, at a desk at the bottom of some mountain somewhere.

One thing you can count on in this job is the mountains, as project ‘P/S’ appears to have inadvertently proven.

On that note, welcome to A02-5-GIO and A05-5-Lsc, both of whom have been supportive of ‘Footprint’ and ‘P/S’ from the very beginning. Particularly ‘P/S’. I have very much enjoyed your support, as I have your company, via whatever contact has been allowed as a result of these programs in the past 12 months.

It is a pleasure to be working with you more directly again.

And you can thank me later for getting you some time out of the ‘Sunny C of the South’ and the ‘Red Wetlands to the West’. Guam perhaps? Presuming we are allowed back after last time.

It is unlikely we will make it for the eclipse J-A02, but I will definitely get your poem to my acquaintance who publishes such things.  Did you hear they are going with the depopulation project after all? UAV/ICBM nuclear [REDACTED] is what I heard. So unfortunately there is going to be a clamp down on nonessential base pass-throughs and transfers. Probably unnecessary, but safety first, I guess.

So it may be our last chance to head back through for quite a while. We could all go perhaps, after OHPN. We’ll talk about it anyway. I’m putting it out there.

Also, I suppose, thank-you to FCL-Ct Willy North from A05 for taking the operational blame should anything go horribly sideways.

Since Willy, (FCL), hates both my current program initiatives, and flamboyant writing style, almost as much as Bill himself – but has no direct say on my pending project applications; I have no qualms in stating the obvious: that your C-D Asn does sound like the name of a 70’s porn star – that is just a fact. And I look forward to seeing a redacted blank space here on going to print, you humourless bastard.

[REDACTED]. Of course, what I mean by that is:


But do enjoy your retirement; you certainly look as though you’ve earned it.

Also, an extra special thanks goes to A02-5, Lsc, for finishing the profile and report when I was called back to the Sunshine State for prep (*I swear that was genuine. I owe you ok. Believe me, sitting behind a computer and typing is a favour I can return 10 fold).

I have just received the TacM, and could not have done a better job myself. You are a star.

I have one comment, since I am taking field point, with my oh so wiry, slender (and potentially cat-eared) frame; [REDACTED]. All other targeting parameters remain sound.

The focus will be on 2 locations per [REDACTED], in rotating sessions.

One traveling and one static at all times.

The compromise on the third proposal revision is accepted.

For those who missed the end of the final brief, the argument that won out is that it will be of benefit to utilise a high traffic, but generic, location as an initial scout post – and then a profile net closure will be enacted in the final sessions; guided by opportunity.

This assumes a lot, including multi-day attendance. But given the timing of [REDACTED] it is not entirely unreasonable.

I’m sure there will be no complaining. We’ve all certainly been on duller stakeouts (*daily) than minding a till, tending a line or plugging in microphones; and on such a colourful day. Especially when so many are to be in costume and the atmosphere likely jubilant.

The ambiance inside strip clubs, back-alleys, abandoned buildings behind hospitals, and, frankly, inside hospital waiting rooms – are all somewhat lacking in this regard.

As are the inside of dumpsters. As a rule. Though I’m sure we’ve all been in some really nice dumpsters, as well. I’m not “dumpster profiling” or anything like that, before anyone issues me another breech notice (Billy, I’m looking at you).

Indeed, anything being held at a showgrounds likely holds particular merit in this regard. And I am certain it will not disappoint.

Would it be unprofessional at this point to say “Shotgun not” ? I was just checking.

What will be different and more challenging than usual is, ironically, also the fact that people will be in costume. And the sea of faces will be more densely concentrated than most of us are use to. Not unlike the Indonesia new years gig some of us were on in 2011; except at least it won’t be as dark at this event.

[REDACTED] access feed. Additionally, the coverage is broad and the resolution too poor to be of use for even a partial ident function capacity.  None the less, this will be fed to both [REDACTED] and even when tapping out, it wouldn’t hurt to glance up every once in a while.


If you get up to take a slash, just browse through the channels on your way, both there and back. We’ve all got stories like that.

Begin final prep stages H-PrjN3 and otherwise guys, let’s just go out there and have fun with it. You just got to have fun with it.

Unless, of course, you either are Bill, or you catch Bill glaring at you: in which case you should look sombre, serious, slightly concerned, and yet extremely stressed to near stoke-breaking point – regarding, just, whatever the hell it is you happen to be currently looking at, at that moment.

I have TG confirmation.

Remember: you have to go slow to go fast.

See you out there.

J.J. Lsc

From – OHPN


J.J., Lsc (2013). Nova in a Haystack. GSI-i Internal. Oct. Ed 8, (15).


How to Roll Higher than a 6 with a Single Die

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~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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