The 5cm Rule & Normative Politics of the Organ Trade

Liberal Bleeding Heart

It is now illegal to have your car windows down in Queensland (QLD). Rather than targeting car thieves, the QLD police have come up with the brilliant idea of targeting the innocent – to cut out the middle man, right from the start. Go straight to the unnecessary harm.

The commissioner understands; QLD is a hot state, & he will leave his windows down on a hot day himself – but he does so within the confines of the law, taking advantage of the 5cm leeway built into the law. It is a good law.

He suggests that if you have children, & you are worried about them getting into a hot car, you too should take advantage of this 5cm lawful use of your own car windows. Makes sense.

About as much sense as a surgeon taking out half to 5/8ths of your liver; a kidney; your spleen; your appendix; and your tonsils, all while you slept. & as you awaken, in protest, the surgeon makes a proclamation outlining his fierce, & impregnable, justification:

what…oh, sure ‘liberties’: But if the organs get diseased who is the first person called: ME. I mean sure, I get paid either way. But this way I can sell the organs while they are healthy as well… & if I don’t do this I’ll never make chief resident at this hospital…:S they’ll know my numbers are holding the division back 😦

Similarly, police would be equally happy if doctors started to take their guns away.

Oh sure, you all want to bang bang, protect yourselves – but as soon as someone gets shot, who is the first one called? ME…now give me your guns, I’m a doctor, this is preventative medicine at work. Let me put it this way: no one is being shot from a gun I’ve confiscated are they?

Guns plus people can equal people being shot. Guns, in a situation absent of people, can not equate to people being shot. Therefore, these guns, that are taken away from people, are unable to be responsible for people being shot. Sure, there is a kind of absurd logic in there. Which at this stage seems about pa for the course.

Any healthy organ you remove is one that can not, directly, cause you disease down the line. My gosh, we will soon live in a crime free immortal utopia.

Since I have had a license, that I neither applied for nor possessed, get revoked, in addition to getting a fine for not voting in this last election, when I did; & all in the first months of this government:- I personally think things are pretty well in hand. The more power public servants & computers have the better, I say.

Furthermore, I see no reason why this “kill sheet” system, by another name, would possibly force police misconduct against the innocent; just in order for an officer to keep their career on track. I simply can not for the life of me picture a world where that might even possibly occur.

And, naturally, police officers should hand in their guns to sell for the state coffers, & gladly. & we should all donate as many organs as possible as well; all under the same overarching principal. Prevention at all costs.

Doctors fight disease & police fight criminals? – how antiquated.

Finally some sense in the halls of power. If everyone targets just the innocent instead, or just the healthy organs as the case may be, from the very start: well, you are bound to get some cases early, nipped in the bud, that otherwise would have been trouble makers down the line (eventually, probably, maybe… I mean … well, even with our low crime rate, the odds are *shrugs*).

Plus the state makes some money. Win. Win. Win.

Besides, only people who have something to hide complain they can’t wind down their windows in 40 degree heat with 55% humidity. -_-.

Criminal abetters, is what they are. It is like stealing their own car…nearly. If you squint, from the heat.

Just like how merely having organs abets disease.

If you don’t want things stolen, don’t own or use your property. & if you don’t want to get sick, don’t have a body. Or else you are just asking for trouble, in all honesty.

& we should make the military fight with pillows.

It’s the weapons causing a lot of the injuries in war, IMO. It is just an opinion though. I just happen to think pillows are far softer than many conventional military weapons, that’s all. Thus, I see no good reason that this view of mine ought not be enacted upon everyone, everywhere – forever.

For their own safety. For their own good. & for the good of the nation.

Come to think of it, I have a whole list of reforms along this line actually; I’ll start with “A”…

JJ, Lsc (2014). The 5cm Rule & Normative Politics of the Organ Trade. J Chron. in Lett. & Sci. 4(1). Ed6.


Pending TArth.

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~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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