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Sodium in the Human Frame ~ Low Salt Intake WILL Kill You

Reduced salt diets cause premature death. Wait wait, I’m doing it again. Let’s slow down. Sodium chloride (NaCl) is of course table salt, either mined as rock salt, when we call it Halite, or separated from oceanic salt water. Chemically, … Continue reading

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Mobile Police Community Office (MPCO)

Ever go to sleep wishing you could wake up next to an active police station? Well, dream no longer! MPCO (Mobile Police Community Office) was launched by Queensland Police earlier today. The new specialist target Mobile Police Community Office was … Continue reading

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Games Aren’t For Kids

I’ve been called in for a stagnant MiP watch at an internet cafe. Could be worse. I haven’t had a night alert in my district in ages. There is an A-05 adjunct [REDACTED] /7. But until it is staffed, looks … Continue reading

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Juggle Not

Originally posted on The Impetuarian:
Juggle Not Click here for Audio Version I was busy juggling all of the expectations So I didn’t see what there was to see Or where I was going But only where I thought you…

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