Games Aren’t For Kids

1 count down Magi

I’ve been called in for a stagnant MiP watch at an internet cafe.

Could be worse. I haven’t had a night alert in my district in ages. There is an A-05 adjunct [REDACTED] /7. But until it is staffed, looks like it is me. Three…seven…I mean what is the difference, really?

Four. It is four districts of difference, for those playing at home.

If it wasn’t for Footprint I could have got out of my contract 3 years early I found out today.

Why can’t we crowd source. There are some dam suspicious people in the left, and with G20 coming up, it really is easier to watch people if they are recruited. I’m not saying pay them, don’t misunderstand me. There are a plethora of [REDACTED], active in the unions, [REDACTED] family religious affiliation, and graduate [REDACTED] training.

[REDACTED] is on lists. [REDACTED] is obviously a kind of capable. Bring [REDACTED] in, I say. At least for G20. This dead end work will drop off after the summit. There is no way this is actually important. Plus, I’m just not feeling it tonight. And it is so very early.

This place is nuts. How many would be hackers and nerds does it take to change a light bulb? Too many, apparently. If I didn’t have a hat on, despite it being night, the strobe of that florescent tube would give me a seizure.

Furthermore, since the topic of lights has come up organically, may I just confess something? Lights on the external casing and keyboard don’t actually make your computer run faster. I’m pretty sure they covered that in cyber basic. But by the look of this place I’d guess that information remains classified.

There are a lot of Asians here. That is just a fact. They all look like the photo.

Gif of Magi

Great. I’m going to have to talk to these people. Probably via headsets.

Why didn’t I go into the [REDACTED] program? I should have listened to my mother. I wanted to be an air traffic controller for a while you know.

There are almost certainly central loggers that could be used as leverage for a scout here. They wouldn’t be able to help themselves. And I wouldn’t be on a laptop if [REDACTED] didn’t know it. We already have the laws. When can we use them? See, this is why you can not refer to a court – it takes too long.

I admit there are probably extended marks here. But this is not for me. What about one of the older nerds? They would love this biz. They all have hero complexes and no purpose.

I am going to write a paper on “‘Status Reward’ as a Satiating ‘No Reward’ in the Recruitment and Retention of Conditional Field Operatives”. I guess clearance is sort of an issue for such short term work. Except when it suits us, mind you.

And there is high risk mitigation if we target by profile. Plus, what do they think leveling up in video gaming is training for? They forget the origin of all of this. The current game funding isn’t even covert.

I suppose none of it is worth the risk of having to explain to [REDACTED] why a case has been blown. When we are getting paid. And there is apparently a recession.

Actually, it is most likely job security concerns that are really behind why these ideas keep getting rejected.

I know no one likes their job for long (*nb read the fine print when you sign contracts. Also, verbal contracts are binding if you’ve been told you are being recorded).

My only real complaint is I’m just getting [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and anime down. I don’t need four active and three partial briefs – I’m not a government social worker or public school teacher.

Dear Lord do not make me have to learn internet gaming for work. For gosh sake, that would be the life long dream of someone else. Hell, many someone elses’.


Which is exactly why it will end up being me.

I am going to take advantage of in field “cross-character congruency” and watch some “Adventure Time”.

J(J)R (2014) Games Aren’t For Kids“, Chronicle of Letters, August (15). Ed 5.

Tarth: LTSC-J(J)R-GSI A01-3/7 (Temp)-A159/M

About J.Chron.Ltt.&Sci. [JCR]

~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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