Mobile Police Community Office (MPCO)


Ever go to sleep wishing you could wake up next to an active police station?

Well, dream no longer! MPCO (Mobile Police Community Office) was launched by Queensland Police earlier today.

The new specialist target Mobile Police Community Office was unveiled by the Queensland Police Department (QPD) at Hawken Village, near the University of Queensland, at around 2pm.

What has already been described by one GSI LSC as an “ingenious use of police resources … a hybrid of the intelligence and community based policing models“, the MPCO will act as a quasi permanent response unit to be deployed to criminal “hot spots” identified by criminological experimentalists and researchers.

Researchers will be further assisted by actionable real time products from the QPD intelligence divisions.

The project is supported by Crimsafe and the Institute for Social Science Research (ISSR). ISSR will comprise part of a research team to evaluate the effectiveness of this new law enforcement strategio-tactical deployment.

The MPCO support team will also employ the unit’s own “in real time” blog, in order to better track emerging issues within the target community and to increase community engagement more broadly.

J(J)C-R – Brief (2014). MPCO. J.Chron.Lett.Sc. AUG, (18), Ed4.

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