Xanax & Valium No Longer To Be Sold In Australia


Popular brand benzodiazapine sedatives Xanax and Valium are no longer going to be sold in Australia, according to recent reports from the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

After the new scheduling of alprozalam (Xanax) to a class eight substance (S8), sharing the list with compounds including methamphetamine and cocaine, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has pulled the popular brand name sedative from Australian shelves.

In related news, pharmaceutical monolith Roche is pulling the sale of the comparatively popular benzodiazepine Valium (diazepam).  This is to be a global measure taken by the company.

Pharmaceutical companies are never without a history of controversy, Pfizer and Roche being no exception. The most recent scandal to come over the wire involved drug company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), who have been fined $492 million in a “Chinese doctor bribery trail”, that ended with GSK executives being jailed.

In the cases of Valium and Xanax, however, neither recall appears to be embroiled in a major scandal that directly relates to the action in Australia.

It is rumored that a novel target sedative is on the horizon, though little formal press has been released to this end at this stage.

Generic versions of both compounds will still be available in Australia.


J(J)R (2014) Xanax & Valium No Longer To Be Sold In Australia, JChronLettSc, 14 Sept (14), Ed7.

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