MRI Radio-Pornographers May Now Use Your Images


MRI Radiographer & Radiologist Pornographers have overcome the “Movement Artifact Problem” that had long plagued their art form.

In what has been hailed by some as a likely:

“Boon for the Magnetic Resonance pornographic industry as a whole; akin to when Renaissance art was replaced by cartoons”.

A glimpse of what we can expect from the future of erotic magnetophilla has been unearthed, and is linked below.

But not all are greeting the discovery as a “win” for humanity.

One doctor wrote to the chronicle earlier today, stating:

As with all technological breakthroughs, it comes with drawbacks as well as contributions”

They went on to warn:

“[one]…just had better be really careful what you are filmed doing in those scanners from now on”.

And the alarm may yet be justified.

“Underground MRPR’s (Magnetic Resonance Porn Rings) are scheduled to begin popping up all around the country by mid September: using YOUR personal medical MRI scan images, probably”

– unnamed official sources claim.

But will it really be as bad as all that?

Or is this just the latest form of “technophobia” rearing its ugly head?

This investigator, for one, has no doubt that it will indeed be as bad as some warn: If not worse.

The researchers went on to claim the Nobel Prize for Medicine* shortly after their original work was first published in BMJ, 1999.

And society has arguably been in a steady decline ever since.




*JJR is the psychiatry and research science investigator for the Chronicle LS.

[+++] Research Blog Marker


JJR (2015). MRI Radio-Pornographers May Now Use Your Images, JChronLettSc, 01517(8), Ed4.


About J.Chron.Ltt.&Sci. [JCR]

~CogSc (Humor); NeuroPsych; Philosophy (Death/Identity); Methods (Research); Intelligence/Investigation (Forensic); Medical Error~
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