Australians charged under Joint Counter-Terrorism Team operations since 2013

The Murphy Raid

Operation Kirtling (New South Wales)
No charges

Operation Rathlin (New South Wales)
Hamdi Alqudsi: foreign incursions offencesfound guilty
Amin Iman Mohamed: foreign incursions offencesfound guilty

Operation Appleby (New South Wales)
Omarjan Azari: terrorism offences (funding) pleaded guilty, terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Ali Al-Talebi: terrorism offences (funding) found guilty
Unnamed 24-year old: weapons offencespleaded guilty
Unnamed: drug offences pleaded guilty
Unnamed: weapons offences pleaded guilty
Mohammad Ali Barylei: arrest warrant issued
Unnamed 15-year old: terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Ibrahim Ghazzawy: terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Suleyman Khalid: terrorism offence (possession of documents) and later another terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Maywand Osman: terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare) now dropped
Jibril Almaouie: weapons offences and later a terrorism offence (conspiracy to prepare)
Ahmed Saiyer Naizmand: terrorism offence (control order breach)
Farhad Said: terrorism offence (preparation)

Operation Bolton (Queensland)
Agim Kruezi: terrorism offences (preparation), foreign incursions offences

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