REDPAPER Syria Abstract



Operation Glowing Halo/Operation Hot Holy Jesus

The burden of Damascus. Behold,

Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.” – Isaiah 17

By irradiating strategic locations in SYRIA, religious motivations behind MidEast wars may be mitigated, or postponed, for the time it takes the nuclear fallout to decay to levels safe for human habitation. In the Abrahamic faiths, Jesus the Messiah comes back in SYRIA after (or immediately before) nine battles for Armageddon, with a focus on “Gog & Magog”, and other MidEast regionally located actors and “signs”. All start with DAMASCUS in SYRIA, however, followed by the dead rising with a fire in YEMEN at the “second trumpet”. Jesus the Messiah can not return to set up his city of paradise, for an extended period, if it is known to be too radioactive to support human life. This will both discourage (.7) and thwart (.8) attempts to usher in the “rapture” for a generous foreseeable strategic duration. Already over 90’000 fatalities, and related effects of war, impact SYRIA (*with some estimates as high as 450’000 fatalities at time of writing) . This further includes run-on regional and global impacts that flow from any large scale conflict. Religious motivations, on all sides, fuel part of this conflict – as they will continue to do, with an extreme high level of probability, in all future regional conflicts. A small tactical nuclear strike (TacNuc), of moderate yield, under favorable conditions, will likely significantly limit casualties. Initial estimates range from as low as ninety (90) fatalities to seven hundred and fifty thousand (750’000) fatalities at the high end, upon execution. This team has been tasked with a single strike mock up for three top tiered locations, minimizing casualties, but maximizing long term radiation exposure. Using OSI models, depleted material wastes, and TacNucs or other small enhanced tactical nuclear devices (ETN).


If there is no assigned blame, and no retaliations – an enhanced fallout design, small TacNuc of moderate yield (200kt) in rural SYRIA may remove religious motivations for combat, with comparatively acceptable loss of life.

The “realpolitik” of re-interpretations of scripture, and other causes of war (eg pipelines being now handed to Russia, allowing for EU dependency etal), as well as global aid calls, and mass migration best be considered. Such scenarios are myriad and beyond the scope of this estimate-in-brief. Additionally, a scapegoat of “distinctly non religious stripes” is required for mission execution. This must be public and well established. Catastrophe, however, greater than the current Syrian war seems unlikely. This is as RUSSIA and CHINA are rational nuclear actors likely to be focused on regional stability fallout (.9). The other openly known nuclear actors of greatest concern, in PAKISTAN and ISRAEL, will, at high probability (.6), be slowed in response – caught in debate around the meaning of their conflicting “verse” (ie in Islam Christ returns immediately before the battle of Armageddon, where as in Judaeo-Christian doctrine it is immediately after).

In either case, it is still SYRIA that remains the location Jesus the Messiah “returns” to set up his city of paradise. This specific area will be made largely uninhabitable, both directly and indirectly, for the foreseeable future. It would take nothing short of a miracle to return or set up a “city of paradise” at this location, were this mission to be successful.

This is the primary mechanism for negation of religious faith doctrine influences in the region; restoring rational, state level power, political motivations to trade and conflict decision making.


Augmented tactical weaponry and strategic considerations will be required to maximize radioactive fallout. Targeting is set at known limits taken from the Chernobyl exclusion zone. Operational success in execution must include as part of any irradiation attempt either/or both of:

1) Active civilian nuclear power plants;

2) [R//] augmentation ETN; or

3) “dirty bomb”/TacNuc combination assaults.

Cesium-137 augmentation plans have been outlined. Under optimal conditions, operations Glowing Halo and Hot Holy Jesus could boost the time frame of an exclusion zone for human habitation in the region to be in place for an estimated 20’000 years. This assessment can be made with a high level of confidence, given model extrapolations from real world combined examples, taken from NAGASAKI, HIROSHIMA, FUKUSHIMA and CHERNOBYL. The surrounding, and global, impact will be minimal and is test acceptable. Even for the most devout religious zealot – that is a long wait for Jesus the Messiah. Ideally, many will imagine miraculous radioactive decontamination well within the purview of the Messiah, rendering the “waiting game”, now Armageddon has begun, a more than reasonable position to hold. Influence campaigns (COI) will then refocus the “second coming narrative” as an “abstract peace”. This may occur somewhat organically (.5). However, scripture reinterpretations and popularization will occur with high probability (.9), and must, therefore, be driven.


A 20’000 year exclusion zone is a practical negation of all current populous interpretations of “Apocalypse”, in all three primary branch Abrahamic faiths. This shows a moderate high probability of benefit (.5*), with an option to extend the zone as reinterpretations of scripture emerge (.7).

Removing religious zealotry by targeting these key, historically reachable (by semi continuous record), and already established global religions has an even chance of success in restoring rational actors to the nuclear stage. It is accepted in this paper that nuclear proliferation is ultimately too difficult to halt.

Negating global death cults that openly form religious governments on these doctrines must, therefore, be considered as a reasonable long term war mitigation strategy.


Mid Syria tacnuc 200kt w Damascus wind - 90 fatalities

Damascus 200kt tacnuc 450'000 fatal

Alepo 200kt tacnuke Syrian wind - 730'000 fatalities




*JJR is the behavioral psychiatry and research science investigator for the Chronicle LS.

**Image: Alex Grey Nuclear Crucifixion

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