Huntsman Cause Majority of Severe Spider Bites in Australia

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Surprise! Yep, afraid so.

The results are in: If you are going to get a severe spider bite, the odds are it is going to be from a huntsman.

That is simply what the data say.

Hows ‘bout that? They are responsible for more bites than any other spider.

And that comes from the Oxford International Journal of Medicine:

This is the only large study of spider bite with prospective data collection, follow‐up and expert identification of spiders, and so provides the most accurate information on spider bite published to date. It gives comprehensive information on Australian spider bite as well as on the clinical effects and circumstances of bites by important groups of spiders that also occur worldwide…the commonest family to cause bites was that of the huntsman spiders

and, considering the majority are, specialist confirmed,  “harmless” huntsman bites, it is curious that:


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