TED is Evil: Well, That Sucks

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TED Pleb

To my vast disappointment I recently learned that TED talks are evil.

They are engaged in extreme censorship.

And that would be bad enough, but they also act like a cult. “Scientology summer camp“, one former TED fellow described the experience. Cult psychology is one of my specialties, usually for its application to military recruit indoctrination. At least I can still have an interest in TED for the purposes of a case study.

I may even get a paper out of it.  And a libel suit.

But I doubt, however, I’ll ever be allowed to give a TED talk on corporate influence or faceless ivory tower censorship.

The story goes thus:-

As of 2013, I have just learned TED removed talks by Sarah Silverman; Dr Rupert Sheldrake (ironically talking on dogmatic science); lawyer, entrepreneur and Vice journalist Eddie Huang; and a drug taking hippie named Graham…

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