The Powell of Love: Renowned Homosexualist & Scouts Fdr LtGen Baden Powell Must Be Spinning In His Closet – Girl Boy Scouts?!

powell of love

Gay Lord Baden Powell – Lieutenant General, 1st Baron, Founder and first Chief Scout of the Boy Scouts Association – must be spinning in his closet. It is with a heavy heart I write that today, October 11 of 2017, it has been announced that girls are to be allowed to join (parts) of the Boy Scouts Association (BSA).

One of history’s most famous and influential homosexuals (arguably second only to FBI founding director J. Edgar Hoover), Powell established the boy scouts, with his lover, in order to: 1) Admire the young male form “in all of its glory” and ; 2) To train child soldiers for future recruitment to the armed forces.

Forgetting their heritage, BSA America today announced they will be allowing girls to be involved in aspects of the organization; eventually from Cubs, all the way up to Eagle Scout Females.

Originally an organization founded for closet gays, who did not like the theater; Powell’s dream for BSA was to always keep up appearances – while simultaneously allowing a private outlet for sexual experimentation. This allowed for a personal decency to be maintained, that was more in line with the norms of the era.

Strict in his “no girls allowed” clubhouse style policy, young men would be free to play like “boys” (ie hunt, and be trained in the ways of war, rank and promotion) – while also having spare time alone in the woods for “rough and tumble play”.

However, the days of this dream may now be over. With girls involved in BSA, the Jamborees seem doomed to be set in direct sexual competition with the social norms of the times – exactly what the founder was trying to avoid.

An admirer of Adolf Hitler* (*before the war), and of what he was able to accomplish with the “Hitler Youth program”; originally LtGen Powell wanted great cross-continental Jamborees with the rumored blue hair, blond eyed German beauties of the Hitler Youth. And it did not stop with Germany.

Indeed, Powell was enthusiastic about fascism in general. As it spread across Europe, Powell once stated that the “boy-man” Benito Mussolini had created a thing of wonder in the nationalist youth program: and all under the banner of “moral  force”. This was something that Powell thought certainly boded well for Italy’s immediate future**! (**it didnt).

In 1937, Powell told the Scouts’ international commissioner that the Nazis were “most anxious” for BSA to join in a global movement. Pursuant to this, the general met with the German ambassador in London in order to procure an invitation to meet with Hitler personally, so as to discuss the matter. And indeed, the invitation was given.

In 1939, Powell wrote that Mein Kampf was “a wonderful book, with good ideas on education, health…[and] organization“. Which, I have little doubt, is the case. From a certain point of view. A view that aligned with the vision of  BSA founder Bayden Powell, and what he had planned for the organization.

So, where does that leave us?

Long standing members of BSA can be forgiven for asking “how did we get here?“. From war, and young boys being shipped in from all over the world. Fit, strapping young boys, with their hormones racing, secluded from any female contact, alone in the woods. How did we go from that, to this…watered down, “females welcome” glorified theater camp?

Is THIS what progress looks like?

Call me conservative, but like Gen Powell and Dir Hoover before me – I too do not think one should be all but forced to “be gay” in public, and in front of girls no less, just in order to perform sex acts with other males. It is a ridiculous outrage!

And like Gen Powell and Dir Hoover: I blame the left. Both for this incursion, and for my urges.

Boy Scouts was “boys only” for a reason.

And when you start seeing girls being allowed in “boy only” associations, I think one has to ask oneself – is this what Hitler or Mussolini would have wanted?

I know that the progressive left has no respect for history and tradition.

But I hoped that they would at least respect the Powell of love.



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