Week 13: Kids Program Trends and Pop Culture

Keep Moving Forward

In a book called Pop Goes the Library: Using pop culture to connect with your whole community, Brookover & Burns (2008) define pop culture broadly as “whatever people in your community are talking, thinking, and reading about.” They authors state that pop culture includes television, movies, music, books, comic books, graphic novels, magazines, sports, gaming, and technology.

For this review I will cover children’s pop culture in the early primary school age range. Although I could make some guesses as to what is popular with adults or teens from what I saw featured when I went to OzComicon, a pop culture event, I will stick to what I know from working with children.

Brookover & Burns (2008) state that pop culture collections and programs must be unbiased and reflect community wants and needs, not your own. I’ll keep that in mind, as I don’t always appreciate what is popular at…

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