AU: Suspicious Packages Sent to Diplomatic Sites Across Multiple States

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JAN09 2019

New Zealand. Pakistan. Greece. France. Hong Kong. Israel. What do these countries mean when grouped together?

Me neither. But really try this time: What do these countries have in common? Well, apart from all receiving suspicious packages at their consulates, it appears not much else.

Across Melbourne and Canberra, a total of 10 suspicious packages have been sent to diplomatic offices and consulates. However, the motive is not immediately clear.

Absent the backdrop of any clear political furor, and with little additional information (other than that one package of material was labeled “asbestos”), national security experts are left scratching their heads tonight, as they try to decipher any meaning in this country combination list.

When it comes to unified global interests: what do these countries have in common?

My initial intention was to do a comparative analysis of the health and safety policies for dealing with asbestos in New Zealand, Pakistan, Greece, France, Hong Kong, and Israel – and any others – to come up with a theory.

In truth, ultimately that seemed like far more work than it was funny. So, I scrapped that idea. And I am currently marking a stack of papers that I am nearly certain where written in Google translate (?).

I never fail anyone, because to g*sh d*rn h*ck (!) with the system, you know? We are just a hedge fund with buildings attached, let’s not kid ourselves but…my gosh! Some of these aren’t even sentences in their home language! I swear.

I understand differences in  grammar across multiple languages – I’d still put money on it. Jesus wept.

If my beat wasn’t ‘International Security: Melbourne and Canberra“, I wouldn’t have written anything at all. Besides, other people where put on it while I was asleep. It is just, well, I had to write something? Or I would not be able to concentrate on marking.

Because, as far as beats go, that is a pretty big ball drop. I mean, right? ‘National Security: Melbourne and Canberra’ – are you kidding me?! It is a little crazy.

For now, I’ll link to some hack pieces and some wire sources below.

Britain, the United States and New Zealand may also have recieved packages. Also India is unconfirmed. Some unofficial sources have the diplomatic locations targeted to be as high as 22, including Indonesia, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Croatia. Though many were likely just evacuations at that point.

Just know nothing further has been released. And so far no one is reporting injuries.

This is why it is important to always keep your own blog active, no matter how much writing you do elsewhere. Because, you never know…

Oh, for [FUN’S] sake! The whole situation.

JC 4:43am


JC is the national security and research science investigator (Melbourne/Canberra) for the ChronicleLS,  and Ed@Lg (Projects) for ASQ Australia.



AU Federal Police Statement

AP: Australia police examining packages left at consulates

Ruptly: Hazmat footage

NYT: Suspicious Packages Are Delivered to Multiple Foreign Consulates in Australia





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