Epstein: Black Book Names (LIST)

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This is to be a short reference entry. ☼

This is intended for those taking note of the Jeffrey Epstein case(s), since his death in secure custody earlier this month (on AUG 10, 2019).   The aim is to serve as a lead into a primer, for those interested in briefly following the case history, in order to sift media hype, conspiracy and fact from one another. This will be important to understand and interpret findings – as well as appreciate limitations – of inspector general (and other) reports going forward.

This is an alleged list of the names, from the un-redacted court findings of the subpoenaed “black book“, of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates. Many are known to have traveled on his private plane (colloquially the “Lolita Express“) or to one of his private island’s – particularly “Little St James”, in the U.S. Virgin Islands (colloquially known as Pedophile Island). Other open source reporting has also been used in this initial compilation.

It is critical to note, that association is in no way guilt. It is equally critical to note, that to associate with “innocent” and “guilty” alike is a tactic; one deployed to make investigation of any crime network more difficult. As such, one best take care in drawing any conclusions about persons, simply because they are on this list, on one at another location, or in a photograph with Jeffrey Epstein.

This list is not exhaustive. Which is why this case requires special handling. So as to disrupt as few lives as possible, while still finding justice for any victims identified. Though numbered, this list is not ordinal.


  1. Pres Bill Clinton
  2. Pres Donald Trump
  3. Ivana Trump
  4. PM Tony Blair
  5. Sen Chuck Schumer
  6. Sen John Kerry
  7. Edward Koch
  8. Henry Kissinger
  9. Steve Bannon
  10. Prince Andrew, Duke of York
  11. Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman
  12. David Jones, Viscount Linley I
  13. Les Wexner
  14. Adam Dell
  15. Michael Bloomberg
  16. Rupert Murdoch
  17. Richard Branson
  18. Jeffrey Sachs
  19. Peter Soros
  20. Conrad Black
  21. Steve Forbes
  22. Malcolm Gladwell
  23. Fred Heineken
  24. Kevin Spacey
  25. Chris Tucker
  26. Alec Baldwin
  27. Bill Cosby
  28. Woody Allen
  29. John Cleese
  30. Joan Rivers
  31. Chris Evans
  32. Courtney Love
  33. Ralph Fiennes
  34. David Blaine
  35. Jimmy Buffet
  36. Bryan Ferry CBE
  37. Loyd Grossman
  38. Liz Hurley
  39. Michael Jackson
  40. Mick Jagger
  41. David Frost
  42. John Micklethwait
  43. Charlie Rose
  44. Stephen Pinker
  45. Barbara Walters
  46. Ghislaine Maxwell
  47. Alan Dershowitz
  48. William Astor, Viscount IV
  49. Princess Firyal, (bin Talal of Jordan)
  50. Charles Spencer, Earl of Spencer VIIII
  51. Sen Edward Kennedy
  52. Ted Kennedy Jr
  53. Bobby Kennedy
  54. Hon Rosa Monckton
  55. Hon Rupert Fairfax
  56. Rocco Forte
  57. Sir Anthony Bamford
  58. Lord Alistair McAlpine
  59. Ernst Hanover
  60. Marie Hapsburg
  61. Edgar Bronfman
  62. von Bismarck
  63. de Rothschild
  64. Rockefeller
  • Redacted “Black Book” released in the court documents.


This entry by Brace Belden and Liz Franczak is an interesting look at this aspect of the case, from a lay investigator perspective, without being too depressing or too accusatory.


The case continues to unfold, in real time.


[01908-20-Ed7] – nb please identify any errors as soon as observed; both in the comments below, and/or on twitter, for immediate correction.


JC is the national security and intelligence investigator for the ChronicleLS. JC is currently undertaking the University of Washington extension program in cyber-security. 


01908 Clinton Dress

  • Painting of Bill Clinton, wearing the clothes of Monica Lewinsky, that were exhibits in his impeachment case. Painted by Australian-American artist Petrina Ryan-Kleid. Found hanging in Epstein’s private island.
  • Redacted “Black Book” released in the court documents.

+019 Epstein brings us together

  • Always look on the bright side.


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2 Responses to Epstein: Black Book Names (LIST)

  1. caz says:

    There are a few in the Little Black Book, who have a passion not just for our children, but also for ‘educating’ them:

    Toby Young, (page 59)
    New Schools Network and Free Schools (over 400 schools)
    JE List Toby Young merged
    Arpad Busson, (page 9),
    Ark Academies (41 schools), What lies beneath the Ark Academy in Brent? (links)
    What lies beneath the Ark Academy in Brent v2
    John and Marie-Claire Agnew, of the Agnew family, (page 1)
    Theodore Agnew currently Academies minister, and founder of the Inspiration Trust, with 14 schools. https://www.flickr.com/photos/50295603@N02/48609723221/
    Marina Cowdray of the Pearsons, (page 12) who produce school text books. Pearson’s, the worlds’ learning company’ . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearson_plc
    Alistair McAlpine, . (page 37)
    descended from the McAlpine baronets, who build academy schools

    It’s in our genes.

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