11 Safety Tips for Exploring the Abandoned

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Safety Tips for Exploring the Abandoned

I know I am not alone
when I say exploring an abandoned location is thrilling! Exploring the remnants
of what was once a beautiful theater, mall, school, home, amusement park and so
on is an experience that takes you back in time and lets you visualize the
location stuck in time from the moment it was left. However, exploring these
locations can be potentially dangerous (not that that will stop any urban
explorer!). Here are some tips for safety when exploring these locations:

1- Research the location before going. Know where you are
going and any specific dangers you should be looking out for. Learn the history
of the location if you can-it will make you appreciate and respect the location
a little bit more and make it far more interesting!

2-Bring proper equipment. Entering an abandoned building
comes with many dangers. You never…

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