January Print Issue Approved Links (*Final Date for Non Retainer BCM Staff DEC01. Digital Issue Formally Compiled – DEC15)

The next print edition of “Arts & Science – Quarterly” (ASQ) will be out January 15, 2019.  In the era of “Fake News”, it is up to smaller, locally sourced, media to pick up the slack. BCM Group aims to cover topics in three broad areas:

1. New Media and Pop-Culture;

2. National Security, Federal and Local Politics;

3. Popular Science.

Entry pitches are accepted until DEC01, 2018. Entries for the April issue close March01, 2019.


Regional Content Chief Editors & Contributing Sr Field Associates/Consultants
Windsor Cunningham: Editor-In-Chief
Alexandra Davies: Psychology/ Pop Culture / Politics (RegDDP & Exec C.Ed – Au East)
J.R. Cilento: Methods (Research)/New Media/PopSc (RegDirProj (Roving) & Ed@Lg)
Dan Waters: Cyber/Technology/InfoSec (QUT) (RegDDP (QLD) & Consulting/C.Ed)
S. Lightfeather: Technologist/VetSc / EnvSc (AsscDir & 1st AsstDP (NSW))
Dayna Templeton: Local & INat PoliSc (RegDDP (Tasmania) & C.Ed)
Rach Wood: Pop Culture & New Media/Hlth & PopSc (RegDDP (UK)/AsscDir WA) & C.Ed)
Aaron Sherwood: Local PolSc/PopC (RegDDP (NZ) & C.Ed)
Vikki Vans: PopC & New Media/Edu (RegDDP (Canada) & C.Ed)
Becky Hogge: Edu/PoliSc/PopSc (RegDDP (West, USA) & Ed@Lg)
Micki Create: PopC & new Media/Film (Columbia) (RegDDP (East, USA) & C.Ed)
Rob Nightingale: EnvLaw/Climate Science/Psychology (UT-A/FW) RegDDP (Sth, USA)