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Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) (Solved) [Basics]

☼ What do I do when my windows PC gives me the blue screen of death (BSOD)? Do you want to get all your stuff back? OK.

Get yourself a coffee, it is going to be a long morning.

1. Unplug all non essential usb and plugs (leave a keyboard/mouse). At the first logo when turning on, turn your computer off by holding the button for 10 secs.
2. Turn back on, at first logo – turn it off again.
3. At the first logo when turning on, let it load to see if a self repair option is offered
4. If yes, press self repair – wait a full hour staring at the blank screen
5. If in doubt, turn it off.
6. At the first logo when turning on, turn your computer off by holding the button for 10secs.
7. At the first logo when turning on, tap the ‘F8’ key 3 times (I’m not joking).
8. This will bring you to the restore mode and safe mode access screen.

From here you can follow the cues. Restart in safe mode. Go to control panel. Uninstall last updates, or go to a previous restore point or factory restore.

But do not restore from a decade ago, or factory settings, until you have tried everything else. And be patient: staring at a blank screen is 5/9ths of all computer science.

Once a month, set a restore point. Once a quarter, set up a recovery usb. Always double save current projects to a usb while working. Do not trust the cloud, certainly not alone.

Good luck for more advanced issues. I am not doing that here. But it gets pretty weird. Oh, and turn windows updates off. They will destroy your computer 10 fold more often than any virus or malware or scammer.

It wasn’t a game installation. It wasn’t some porn site you visited. It wasn’t a link you clicked in an email*. It was windows updates. Every single time.

You can not *actually* turn them off (Windows updates) – but “turn them off”, so that the computer tells you they are turned off. This means there is at least a chance that, by the time updates are force-installed on your computer, the general crash problems will have been patched.

It is not worth it for the rare genuine security update (not called “security update”,  but actual security update) to be the beta tester for Windows bloat and spyware.

Back things up manually. Screen shot or phone photo everything. If you do not work in security fields: this will be enough most of the time.

Good luck on the journey!

JC [01908-20-Ed4]

*Probably. Don’t click on links in emails.

Cycling connect-d/c-wifiSrch-EthrCnct (repeat) [SOLVED](Rural):

*i also did all the unplug, re-boot, re-set/power drain/ dns clear/driver update/driver roll back etal bs. & disabled power control ability to shut down connection “to save power”, and disabled wifi when aether is connected.

Though, as usual, this was predominantly busy work. still always worth trying tho. ip said they were ‘working on the lines’ till the end of next week and this was normal for everyone in the area – standard bs. That was not it. 

The above will work. Till the next windrows f**k you update. & if you think ‘that cant be it, bc i have windows updates disabled’…ok boomer.



JC is the research methods and national security investigator for the ChronicleLS. JC is currently undertaking the University  of Washington extension program in cyber security. 


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