SomCa: You Are Completely Relaxed


“If an episode entry inspired you to feel at all, even if we disagree. If you find you are grateful, in this moment, to be alive. If you are awake with me. Or if you are alone, with me.

Consider being one of those who sustain me, and who support the open dialogue of different opinion, by sharing food from their own plate.

En-gift me a few dollars, or a single dollar. If you can. And I will en-gift you good fortune, as I can. And thank you, I am grateful. SomCa.”

You are powerful. You are beautiful. You are as strong as you need to be. Somca. You are completely relaxed.
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EPISODE GUIDE – SomCa Morning Rest PlayList

E18 SomCa – My Grandmother’s Urn & Fighting With Professors

e19 SomCa – Wearing Flippers In Bed To Prevent Blood Clots And Enjoy Conflict


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e1 – Sleeping Meditation for the insomniac:

e2 – SomCa e2- Is Alex Jones Sane After All? Post Interview with Joe Rogan:

e3 – SomCa e3 – FIRE Emergencies; Milo Berkeley FIRE; Attorney General FIRED-PM Turnbull vs Trump Sparks

e4 – SomCa – Family Trees All Grow Towards the Stars and Crowns – KIA Memories

e5 SomCa – We Regret to Inform You Capt Prince Was Killed In the Line of Duty

e6 SomCa – We Regret to Inform You Capt DeVos Jaggson Is Dead By His Own Hands

e7 SomCa – Coronial Inquest & Cause of Death Determination as Suicide (Capt DeVos-Jaggson)

e8 SomCa – Description of Crime Scene And Body As Found (Capt DeVos-Jaggson)

e9 SomCa – Sex Basics – What Everyone Knows But No One Ever Tells You

e10 SomCa Sex Basics – Emergency Sex Prep Kit [List]

e11 SomCa Sex Basics – Seconds After Orgasm Everything Changes And the Furniture Attachment Test

e12 SomCa – Sex Basics – Itox Problem And How Do I get Home From Where the Hell Even Am I

e13 – SomCa – The Inverse Mogwai Rule

e14 SomCa – Sex Basics – Your Basic Bondage SetUp And An Honest Strength Test

e15 SomCa – Worse They Are At Drinking, Better They Think They Are – Weed VS EtOH

e16 SomCa- Sex Basics – The One Disease That Will Bankrupt And Bury You

e17 SomCa – All It Takes to Get on SNL is a Phone Call [with the US President]

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