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Required registration and upkeep: 90 cat 1 credits, verified extension programs or other authorized (by editor/division chief) professional development per 5yr period across beats nominated. Fundamental concept knowledge must be demonstrated prior to writing on a project. This base knowledge list is to be made publicly available.
Submitted: Joel A. Cilento-Ross | Divisions: All | Position: Ed-at-Large/ Counterpoint Red Team
Medicine, Open Science & Research Methods
Statistics for Medical Professionals (Stanford); PG Research Methods (UQ); Study Designs In Epidemiology (Imperial Lon); Interpreting Randomized Clinical Trials (Stanford); CSI-ME Case Studies In Medical Errors (Stanford); Managing Data Analysis (Johns Hopkins); Ethics of Human Research (PennMed); Demystifying Bio-medical Big Data (GTown);
Climate-Energy Challenge (Harvard); Effect of Fires on People, Property and Environment (UMaryland); Patient Safety In Psychiatry (JHU); Cancer Immunotherapy (HarvardMed); Interpreting Screening Trials (Stanford);
MSc Mental Health (Griffith); Treating Co Morbid PTSD and TBI (MassGen); Depression (AMA); Youth PsychosisDementia (Stanford); Cardiac-AFib (Stanford); Bedside Ultra Sound (Stanford); Foundations of Allergy and Immunology (HarvardMed); Combat PTSD (AMA); Hypertension (PennMed); Diabetesii (Stanford); BiPolar (AMA); Scuicidology (MassGen); Insomnia (MassGen); Muscle Injury (Stanford); Migraine Headache (Stanford); AntiBiotics v Infections (Stanford); Thyroid Function (Stanford); COPD (PennMed);
Law & National Security
Intelligence (National Security PGC) (QUT); Cyber Attack Countermeasures (NYU); Cyber Security Essentials (UNewcastle); Packet Tracer (Mobile) (CISCO); Data Law and Privacy (PennLaw); Community Law and Justice (JP AG); Law Student’s Tool Kit (YaleLaw); Influencing People (UMich); Anti Corruption and Compliance Law (PennLaw); Post Deployment Physical and Mental Health (MassGen);
Humanities & Public Policy (Including MedHum, Spiritual Practice)
Caring for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (HarvardMed); Cognitive Science (BA UQ); Psycho-Social & Spiritual Aspects of Palliative Care (UColorado); Poverty and Population (Columbia); Gathering and Developing the News (MSU); Patient Safety Level 4 (Stanford); Ordination (Palliative Psychology) (DDhc);Mastery Based Education (MIT); Managing Grief and Loss (MassGen);
Health and Gender-Spectrum (Stanford); Opioid Detox (Stanford); Opioid Crisis (Harvard); Vaping & E-Cigarettes (Stanford); Grammar and Punctuation (UC Irvine); Qualitative Methods: Interviewing (MIT); Business Strategy – Finance (Medscape); Domestic Violence (MassGen); Food As Medicine (Stanford);